ITIL® - 5 Popular Misconceptions

Patrick Costello

Recently, ITIL’s governing body, Axelos investigated the misconceptions around ITIL in order to better understand and address the common challenges when adopting ITIL. 

#1: ITIL is a standard to adhere to 

ITIL is sometimes treated as a standard, which it was never meant to be. The guidance was never intended to be applied rigidly. The service management improvement initiative was not designed to be treated as a big bang project, where the capabilities described in ITIL are considered as a block of processes, roles, and procedures to be ‘implemented’ as close to the ‘letter of ITIL’ as possible.

This approach inevitably leads to huge waste, and is unlikely to succeed in improving the value of the services delivered to the customer due to the unnecessary cost and additional work it generates. There is rarely a meaningful explanation of why the organization has taken this approach, beyond “because ITIL says so”, which is hardly a business value-focused justification, and is certainly not a persuasive argument that might bring others on board. The end result, most likely, is an amalgam of highly complicated process models that nobody follows and a painful muddle of procedures that mask the absence of customer focus. 

Leveraging Best Practice Methods in an Age of Digital Transformation

Patrick Costello

Organisations today are rushing at unnerving pace to become more digital. So what does digital mean? For some, it’s about the new shinny technology. For others, digital is a new way of engaging with customers, suppliers and employees. And for others still, it represents an entirely new way of doing business. 

By definition if we are surrounded by technology – pervading every aspect of our working and social lives. Then we should make every effort to maximise the value the organisation extracts from it. Effective service management is at the core of great organisations – delivering effective, efficient and economical use of “resources” in terms of People, Process and Technology.

Join us at the AWS AWSome Day in Cork

Patrick Costello

Just getting started with the Amazon Web Services Cloud? 

Join others that are new to AWS at the AWSome day, a free one day training event delivered by AWS Technical Instructors. The day starts with a session highlighting how and why customers are using AWS to develop, deploy and operate secure applications and IT services. 

They will then cover AWS foundational services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS before closing the day with an introduction to AWS deployment tools and techniques and the next steps that you can take to continue developing your knowledge. 

Note that they are now introducing a second track dedicated to a business audience. This track is suitable for business leaders who want to explore topics like cost optimisation, security and compliance and hear more about customers' best practices.

SureSkills Learning Services In Video

Patrick Costello

Helping the world’s leading organisations drive growth, efficiency & high performance through learning.

At SureSkills, we know delivering sustained high performance in an ever more complex environment of proliferating information, products and services is essential for long term success. Organizations in every industry are looking for new ways to achieve growth and competitive differentiation by attracting, developing and retaining the best people.

At SureSkills, we believe that learning has the power to propel your organisation to new levels of success. Every day, we help organisations deliver growth, efficiency, and high performance by empowering workforces through innovative education and enablement programs. 

End of General Support for VMware vSphere 5.0 and vSphere 5.1

Patrick Costello

Just to remind all our VMware Customers who have not upgraded that VMware have announced - End of Support Life for vSphere 5.0 and vSphere 5.1, (which includes vSphere Hypervisor ESXi 5.0 and 5.1 and vCenter Server 5.0 and 5.1 respectively) is 24th August 2016. 

That’s only 8 days away from today!. Contact us if you need assistance with your upgrade or if you need to purchase new licenses.