Leveraging Best Practice Methods in an Age of Digital Transformation - Belfast

Patrick Costello

Organisations today are rushing at unnerving pace to become more digital. So what does digital mean? For some, it’s about the new shinny technology. For others, digital is a new way of engaging with customers, suppliers and employees. And for others still, it represents an entirely new way of doing business. 

By definition if we are surrounded by technology – pervading every aspect of our working and social lives. Then we should make every effort to maximise the value the organisation extracts from it. Effective service management is at the core of great organisations – delivering effective, efficient and economical use of “resources” in terms of People, Process and Technology.

Cloud & Your Business: Make The Right Choice

Patrick Costello

Event Happening in Croke Park on October 27th

What stage of the cloud journey are you currently at? Do you understand the business value of cloud in the context of your organisation? Are you maximising your cloud capabilities? Do you know how cloud can solve some of your IT challenges? 


Cloud has been a hot topic for many years now and everyone has heard about the benefits, but what are the benefits to you and your organisation? What are the challenges you face and what kind of service would help you run your business better? 

SureSkills, as the only accredited Education & Consulting Partner in Ireland for AWS, Microsoft, VMware and Google will take an independent look at how these global cloud giants can be tailored to help your business, because one size doesn’t fit all.

PRINCE2 Agile® Prerequisite Updated

Patrick Costello

Opens Certification up to Thousands in Ireland & the UK

Based on community feedback and the results of a successful pilot, AXELOS has taken the decision to lower the prerequisite for PRINCE2® Agile to PRINCE2® Foundation level in addition to a number of other recognized project management certifications. This means the door has been opened to millions of business professionals who are now eligible to take the PRINCE2® Agile certification. 

PRINCE2® Agile combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile delivery with the established and proven best practice framework of the world’s most recognized project management method, PRINCE2®. It is supported by a manual, training, an examination and a globally recognized certification.

What Cloud Services Hold the Greatest Value for Irish Organisations?

Patrick Costello

Most organisations, ultimately, want to do business easier: to sell more and to scale. The IT industry talks about cloud services like email and messaging, or websites and e-commerce, and thinks in terms of Office 365 or the Google Apps suite. Customers talk about business-driven imperatives like improving productivity, enabling collaboration, or getting faster access to information. 

We know this because we surveyed our customers about what services would benefit from being migrated to a cloud platform, and what were the biggest business benefits of doing so. At 26.5% and 25.3% respectively, email and websites were the top candidates for cloud migration. Some 22% of our customers said moving IT infrastructure to the cloud would deliver business benefits. In our experience, as customers understand the general value of cloud, they then begin looking at how they manage and mine information. CRM is a classic example of this, and was next in our survey (16%).

ITIL® - 5 Popular Misconceptions

Patrick Costello

Recently, ITIL’s governing body, Axelos investigated the misconceptions around ITIL in order to better understand and address the common challenges when adopting ITIL. 

#1: ITIL is a standard to adhere to 

ITIL is sometimes treated as a standard, which it was never meant to be. The guidance was never intended to be applied rigidly. The service management improvement initiative was not designed to be treated as a big bang project, where the capabilities described in ITIL are considered as a block of processes, roles, and procedures to be ‘implemented’ as close to the ‘letter of ITIL’ as possible.

This approach inevitably leads to huge waste, and is unlikely to succeed in improving the value of the services delivered to the customer due to the unnecessary cost and additional work it generates. There is rarely a meaningful explanation of why the organization has taken this approach, beyond “because ITIL says so”, which is hardly a business value-focused justification, and is certainly not a persuasive argument that might bring others on board. The end result, most likely, is an amalgam of highly complicated process models that nobody follows and a painful muddle of procedures that mask the absence of customer focus.