AXELOS Selects SureSkills as Strategic Partner


SureSkills partnership with AXELOS strengthened to collaborate working best practices 

SureSkills being admitted into the AXELOS Strategic Partner Scheme is to assist, support and grow the AXELOS Global Best Practice Portfolio. This announcement strengthens SureSkills’ position to serve the best practice community at the highest standards, playing an integral part in delivering innovative solutions to its customers and reaffirms its commitment to offer IT and Service Management professionals the best possible training and certification to greatly contribute to their performance. SureSkills-Ruaidhri-McSharry

“This is a significant announcement and we are delighted to have been appointed by AXELOS in this important initiative and look forward to expanding our partnership in other areas”, said Ruaidhri McSharry, Chief Operations Officer and President SureSkills Canada. 

SureSkills and Axelos recognise the value of learning and accreditation to individuals, teams and businesses. With our focus on ensuring that learning is applied in the work environment our learning services are designed, developed and delivered in a practical manner and in context – all ensuring a realising business value and return on investment. AXELOS have a commitment to nurturing best practice communities on a worldwide scale. The goals of AXELOS are aimed at helping businesses and individuals reach or sustain success; empowering them to truly stand out in a competitive market. 

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AWSome Day Roadshow Ireland 2015

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the AWSome Day Roadshow (previously AWS Cloud School) taking place in Dublin. This free, one-day event is delivered by AWS Education's technical instructors and is ideal for IT pros, developers and technical managers who would like to learn about how to get started in the AWS Cloud. 

AWSome Day is based on the AWS Essentials Course and will take you through a step-by-step deep-dive into AWS core services such as Compute, Storage, Database and Networking. At the end of the session, you will be able to build scalable and secure applications on the AWS Cloud. 

Why Attend? 

• Gain a deeper understanding of AWS core and application services

 • Learn how to deploy and automate your infrastructure on the AWS Cloud 

• Get your questions answered by our AWS experts

 • Network with the AWS team and your industry peers 

Who Should Attend? 

• Technical Users: Developers, Engineers, System Administrators and Architects 

• Decision Makers: IT Managers, Directors and Business Leaders 

AWSome Day Location and Dates

 City               Venue                          Date 

Dublin      Red Cow Moran Hotel     29 January 2015 

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3 Crucial Factors To Consider When Formulating A Hybrid Cloud Strategy

SureSkills Consultant Cian O'Callaghan explains how a hybrid cloud solution has become an integral part of many organisations’ IT strategy but designing one to fit your company’s requirements will be key to its’ success...


2008 was the year the IT industry first began discussing the hybrid cloud computing model, a time which coincided with the beginning of the economic meltdown on these shores. Seven years later the positive news is the economy appears to be firmly on an upward curve and businesses are more confident about planning for their future, investing in new systems or upgrading those that have exceeded their shelf life. This increasing focus on the long-term, of course, includes planning for the next generation of ICT and in the intervening time period, a hybrid cloud strategy has become an integral part of many organisations. 

A 2014 State of the Cloud Report * showed that 74% of organisations in the US have a multi-cloud strategy and you could be sure that assessing or planning for adoption of the hybrid model is on the agenda for a majority of Irish companies too. 


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6 IT Workforce Predictions From CIO for 2015

2015 promises to be a banner year for IT workers 

As the unemployment rate continues to plummet, salaries increase and organizations double down on retention and engagement strategies. askedIT-Workforce-Predictions experts to predict the biggest trends, technology and strategies that will make an impact on hiring and recruiting in 2015. Every new year brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities for IT workers as existing technologies evolve and new technologies emerge. The first half of 2015 looks promising based on these six predictions from career experts. 

Prediction 1: Emphasis on Education and Training 

Education and training will be a major focus for 2015, says Cristin Sturchio, global head of talent at Cognolink -- especially for millennials. "When you invest in training your people, you're providing them with skills and tools they can not only use today, but also continue to draw upon throughout their career," says Sturchio. "We're also confident this approach significantly enhances their loyalty to our company. For example, initiatives like Corporate Universities, which are multi-year programs built with learning and development in mind, aren't just for large, Fortune 500 companies. When it comes to developing your people, size doesn't matter; the results do. Employees are engaged as teachers and facilitators, and they are invested in teaching others," says Sturchio.For the newer generation entering the workforce, engagement isn't just about having a ping-pong table in your office or hosting happy hours after work. "It's about knowing that as the company grows, so will they. It's about creating an environment that encourages active participation and engagement. [It] makes them feel like a valued part of the company from day 1. It's about providing rewarding opportunities like being selected to serve as campus ambassadors to represent the company at their alma maters and teaching training courses that give back to the employee community," says Sturchio. 


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Don't Be Left Out Of The Cloud

VMware RE-Certification – What, How and When  recertification-image-VMware-blog

The IT environment tends to be a reactive environment with regards to issues and problems, and this is particularly true towards the end of the year. Not only are the days short, but the year end will soon be upon us and IT projects tend to be put on hold until the New Year. 

This is true of training and certification - BUT if you're a VMware Professional - NOW is the time to have a quick look at your VMware certification expiry date.... For many of us the final day to re-certify or cross-certify is going to be the 10th of March 2015. Knowing the reactive industry that IT is - many people are going to miss out on taking their re-certification exam purely because of the demand in volume and lack of capacity. 

If you fail to re-certify it will mean having to partake in another full course before taking your exam which for some people might make sense due to the many changes to the newer versions. Whatever you decide to do just be aware of the options available to you: 

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