"Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't"

"Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't" - Advice for Sales Managers from Jay-Z

As the end of the month is fast approaching a Sales Manager should be busy asking all of the relevant top level forecasting and activity questions of their team:

'Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't!!' - Advice for Sales Managers from Jay-Z

• How much of your target is actually secured at this point? 

• Can you find the remainder of your target within the month? 

• Have you the number of activities in the pipeline required to guarantee your target? 

• Will you hit your target if only the smallest deals come in? 

Every Sales Manager should have belief in their team. However, in the answers to the above questions, and to establish as close a 'reality' as possible can come challenges. Challenges in relation to questions such as - is the PO coming in on time? will I get the booking form signed in time?, with the client be back from holidays to confirm the sale on time? and so on. 

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Deloitte claim CIOs struggle to drive IT innovation

Deloitte join ranks of analysts claiming other C-level roles will threaten CIOs

Driving digital strategies and Big Data analytics are the key technology investments for CIOs next year, although their role in shaping technology strategies is “uncertain”, according to research from accounting and advisory house Deloitte. 

The research, which claims to have questioned 900 global CIOs found that 77% of IT budgets were the same or up from last year, with 23% of them down. When asked where they would invest more money if they had it, the majority (30%) said analytics and Big Data. Mobile apps (17%) and private cloud (15%) were second and third in the priority list. Deloitte claim CIOs struggle to drive IT innovation

More than half of CIOs (52%) consider innovation an “important priority”, but said they receive little funding within their IT function. Almost half have less than 10%of their budgets aligned to innovation-related activities. 

Deloitte said in a statement that its survey reveals a “disparity between the excitement over and proposed investment in technology”, and the role the CIO is playing in this transformation. Kevin Walsh, head of Deloitte’s technology consulting practice, said, “The ongoing lack of innovation budget is very surprising given positive current market conditions and a general acknowledgement that technology is essential for organisations to deliver stronger customer engagement. 

“Either there is still limited budget for innovation, or, and perhaps more likely, it has been given to someone else in the organisation.”

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3 Ways Technology is Making Life Easier in Cities Around the World

Condé Nast recently published its list of the World's 'Smartest' Cities, and as more urban areas begin to embrace technology such as our own CityNext initiative, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to understand how "Smart Cities" work. More than half the world's population lives in urban areas for the first time in history, and by 2050 more than 70 percent of the population is expected to live in these areas, and smart technology helps make those areas safer, smarter, healthier, and modern. 
3 Ways Technology is Making Life Easier in Cities Around the World

The development of technology so cities can manage growth is of ever-increasing importance. For CityNext this means doing "new with less to deliver both citizen-centric services and economic and social opportunities to citizens at scale." And with the Internet of Things, cities can connect thousands of devices and data streams to better serve citizens. Here are three ways technology is making life easier for citizens in cities around the world. 

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Windows 9 Launch for September 30 event?

Windows 9 Launch?

Microsoft will host a press event on September 30th where the company is expected to unveil what could possibly be the last major overhaul of its flagship Windows operating system, Windows 9. Microsoft sent out the invitations to the 30 September event, all but confirming that the next version of Windows is imminent. 

Industry experts predict this will be the first chance for developers and users to get a preview of the next version of Windows, which due for release next spring. Until now (September), Microsoft has not mentioned Windows 9 by name but the image to the right was posted by the firm's Chinese division on Weibo saying "Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?". 

cnbeta windows 9

It was quickly removed but cnBeta managed to grab it. 

Experts expect Windows 9 to launch in PCs, laptops, tablets and phones that you can buy in April 2015 but Microsoft is likely to show it off - to some extent - on 30 September as it has now sent out invites to an event where it will outline 'what's next for Windows and the enterprise'. 

Microsoft will reportedly show off a 'Windows Technical Preview'. A revamped Start menu - one that hews more closely to the one in Windows 7 - a de-emphasis of the touch-first "Modern," née "Metro," mode and UI (user interface), and the ability to run Modern apps in Windows on the classic desktop have been bandied as Windows 9's most obvious changes.

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Facebook Value Tops $200bn

The market value of the social networking site Facebook has exceeded the $200 billion mark, making it the 22nd largest company in the world. 

The company’s stock closed at $77.6 yesterday, Monday September the 8th at a new all-time high - giving it a market capitalisation of $200.26 billion, media reports said. 

The stock surged in late July after Facebook soundly beat Wall Street estimates with its second quarter earnings result. Facebook's revenue for the quarter came in at just under $3 billion, a gain of more than 60% year-over-year, thanks to strong growth in mobile ad revenue. 

FB Market Cap Chart

According to reports, future prospects for Facebook are bright because the firm is yet to monetise acquisitions like photo-sharing site Instagram and mobile messaging service WhatsApp. 

It is also some time away from placing a significant number of pricey video ads in users’ news feeds. 

Facebook has also purchased virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR Inc for nearly $2 billion. 

The company also announced Monday it now has 100 million users in Africa. 

The company now ranks just behind Verizon Communications Inc and ahead of Toyota Motor Corp on the list of the world's biggest corporations. 


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