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REG CLOSED - AWS & SureSkills Combine for a Dublin Cloud School - Registration Closed

SureSkills to sponsor AWS Cloud School, Tuesday 15 July 2014

AWS Cloud school event Dublin, Ireland

Join Amazon Web Services (AWS), SureSkills and eircom for a day of Cloud School in Dublin. This free one-day event is ideal for IT pros, developers and technical managers who would like to learn about how to get started in the AWS Cloud. 

This Cloud School event will provide a step-by-step deep-dive into AWS core services such as Compute, Storage, Databases and Network. By the end of the session you will be able to build scalable and secure applications on the AWS Cloud. The agenda is based on a mix of the popular AWS Essentials Course and an interactive presentation of the AWS Hands-On-Labs. 

What you will learn by attending 

Learn practical hands-on techniques of managing an AWS cloud and get your AWS technical questions addressed by our technical expert. Some of the topics covered will include: 

• To run a web server on Amazon EC2, create a security group, public/private keys, attach an Elastic IP address and create an AMI from an EC2 snap-shot 

• To create and upload an object to Amazon S3 

• To create content distributions using Amazon CloudFront 

• To create and manage an Amazon EBS volume 

• To create a single-region RDS configuration and modify the RDS instances to be multi-region 

Who Should Attend?

• Systems technical & new AWS Users: developers, engineers, system administrators and architects or technical managers who would like to learn about how to get started in the AWS Cloud.


• eircom, 1 Heuston South Quarter, St. John's Road, Dublin 8

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PRINCE2 Change Pre-recognition of Qualifications

Change to PRINCE2 Pre-recognition of Qualifications 

As of June 2014 to be eligible to sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination, a candidate must hold the pre-requisite PRINCE2 Foundation certification. AXELOS® have now confirmed that, as of Tuesday 1 July 2014, it will recognize the prior learning and achievements of individuals within the project management professional community who want to gain their PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification. This is a major development as it opens up PRINCE2 to a wider group of project managers. It also brings together PMP and PRINCE2 together in their shared experience. For years both the similarities and dissimilarities have been talked at length about but here Axelos has taken a practical step to join the dots.  

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PRINCE2 is a registered trademark of AXELOS Ltd

What is Amazon Web Services?

What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS Certification Program Agreement Please review the AWS Certification Program Agreement governing our Certification program.

Calvin Riskowitz | SureSkills Leading Principal Cloud Evangelist & Educator

Blog post by Calvin Riskowitz, Principal Cloud Evangelist & Educator with SureSkills.

I often get asked what is my line of employment, to which I answer: “Cloud Computing…” and then wait for the standard response of: “What’s that, or come again..?” For those of you who have some knowledge of cloud computing, the continuing discussion then usually revolves around which cloud (or hypervisor) I prefer or use. The mere mention of Amazon Web Services (AWS) generally evokes a look of confusion in the listener and a retort: “AWS…? – They sell stuff on the internet, don’t they?”

Yes; they do sell stuff – and they have an impressive website, and you can also sell your stuff through the AWS website if you’d like to…

But AWS is MORE than just a website - AWS is a Public Cloud Provider, a HUGE one. The great differentiator between AWS and other public clouds is that there are no up-front fees and no contractual lock-in. AWS is a “Pay-As-You-Go” (PAYG) cloud solution, comparable to a utility company (ie: Electric, Gas or Water) – when you use some of the Utility Company’s resources you get billed (in arrears) for the amount used.

AWS Training Partner

So, AWS supplies and manages the physical infrastructure (the underlying physical servers, network, storage and hypervisor). This leaves you free to manage your virtual infrastructure, to create and manage your virtual servers and additional services (only paying for what you need as and when you need it). This concept allows a company to rapidly respond to the dynamic needs of users, by virtually eliminating provisioning times and being able to dynamically provision EC2 instances (or virtual servers) within minutes (rather than in weeks).

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VMware Licensing

VMware Licensing with SureSkills lead VCI Calvin Riskowitz

Last week, I was delivering a VMware Install, Configure and Manage (ICM) course in our Belfast offices and I was again asked about VMware Licensing, so I thought to comment on the topic, as it regularly crops up for discussion.

VMware Licensing

VMware licensing is not as simple as most people believe so allow me to clarify:


VMware’s Hypervisor (ESXi ver 5.5 being the current version) is licensed per physical CPU socket on the physical server hardware. e.g. If you have 2 physical servers, one has 4 sockets (6 cores each) and the other has 2 sockets (8 cores each) you would have a total of 40 logical CPU’s ((4 x 6) +(2 x 8)), but you would only require 6 VMware licenses

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Keep Your IT Skills Sharp

Steven Long, Certification & Learning Services Manager at SureSkills recently featured in the Sunday Business Post's Technology magazine called 'Connected'.  

SBP Connected Magazine

In their introduction to the revised ICT skills action plan 2014-2018 published in March this year, Minister for Education & Skills, Ruairi Quinn and Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton said that there were few drivers which will be more important to global job creation in the coming years than the development of ICT skills.The ministers, however, recognised that Ireland is part of a global race for talent and “we are increasingly competing for inward investment and export opportunities on the basis of quality of our workforce

Steven Long, Certification & Learning Services Manager at SureSkills, pointed out it was usually the companies that people work in that will determine how their skills sets will be updated. Long said that when an organisation shifts its technology focus that shift then goes down through the employees in the company. “When I’m talking tech training I ask what is the overall company objective and strategy. What are they trying to do [I look at] the learning objectives for the employees in the organisation, whether that be people, process or technology. What about the individual? They have a role to fulfil, so their training or upskilling is obviously based on their role. 

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