IT Expenditure – CAPEX or OPEX?

IT Expenditure – CAPEX or OPEX? 

Budgets, Costs and IT needs……. The never-ending circle of needing IT resources and having to balance costs with Return On Investment (ROI). 

If you find yourself in this spiral of need, cost and budgets we would like to propose an alternative to having to follow the traditional IT spend and provision lifecycle. 

The Public Cloud has a copious amount of IT Resources (Processing power, Network bandwidth and Storage). These resources are available when you want (or need) it and as you want (or need) it – and as much as you want or need! More importantly - there is no upfront commitment… A Pay-as-you-Go (PAYG) costing model - but only for what you use and not a cent more. 

No CAPEX costs and No inevitable delay waiting for delivery, and then provisioning and patching. 

Amazon Web Services – a Public Cloud and OPEX solution with immediate availability of IT resources. Have you considered an OPEX solution to your Data Centre needs? What about acquiring the necessary in-house skills to use these resources? – We’ve partnered with AWS so we can offer training with a variety of AWS Official training courses. 


Call or email us now or join our ½ day sessions in Belfast for an introduction (Show and Tell) to “The Cloud”. 

Calvin SureSkills VCI

Blog post by Calvin Riskowitz, Principal Cloud Evangelist & Educator with SureSkills. 

CommVault Recognized as an Industry Leader Again

CommVault has done it again! 

Commvault logo

For the fourth consecutive year, CommVault has been positioned in the Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances. 

CommVault have also been named leader in the Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software, for the full report, please click here. 

Forrester Wave: Enterprise Backup And Recovery, Q2 '13

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances objectively compares backup software and integrated appliance vendors based on their ability to execute and completeness of vision in an easy-to-read four-quadrant graph with detailed analysis. CommVault believe this is continued validation that their singular approach to data and information management is uniquely capable of reducing risk and costs, unlocking value from data and easily extending operations into cloud infrastructures. 

For the full report, click here.

According to Gartner, “because the backup/recovery software and integrated appliance market comprises tens, if not hundreds, of vendors, this research narrows it down to those that have a strong presence in midsize and large organization IT environments.” Download the report to learn why CommVault have been named a leader, and why that matters in helping you make better-informed decisions about data protection. 

CommVault have also been named leader in the Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software. CommVault named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Backup And Recovery Software, Q2 2013 CommVault is top ranked in the current offering category for their backup and recovery software. For CommVault and SureSkills, this report confirms that Simpana 10 is the leading enterprise backup and recovery solution in the market today, and the only product with a single platform for efficient data and information management. CommVault are enabling enterprises worldwide to take a truly modern approach to data protection


For the full report, click here

 If you would like to know more about how your company could benefit from adopting the CommVault platform please email us today on for one of our experienced consultants to arrange a call back/workshop. 


For more information on the recent report and the CommVault platform please click here»

VMware Licensing

VMware Licensing with SureSkills lead VCI Calvin Riskowitz

Last week, I was delivering a VMware Install, Configure and Manage (ICM) course in our Belfast offices and I was again asked about VMware Licensing, so I thought to comment on the topic, as it regularly crops up for discussion.

VMware Licensing

VMware licensing is not as simple as most people believe so allow me to clarify:


VMware’s Hypervisor (ESXi ver 5.5 being the current version) is licensed per physical CPU socket on the physical server hardware. e.g. If you have 2 physical servers, one has 4 sockets (6 cores each) and the other has 2 sockets (8 cores each) you would have a total of 40 logical CPU’s ((4 x 6) +(2 x 8)), but you would only require 6 VMware licenses

For more details on VMware Licensing click here»

Successful SureSkills Simpana 10 Workshop

Simpana 10 Event - 'An Exponential Leap Forward'

                                                                      Please view the above Prezi in chrome/firefox browsers

To celebrate Gartner naming CommVault a leader in its magic quadrant for Enterprise backup/Recovery software for a third consecutive year and with the release of Simpana 10 we ran a workshop style event in the Residence Members Club, Dublin  on the 17th of October.

We showcased the new Simpana 10 features with some top presentations from Mark Bell, UK & Ireland Distribution Manager and Paul Baker, CommVault UK Director as well as SureSkills CTO Kevin Reid giving a very engaging SureSkills CommVault story. 

All attendees left the event with a new in depth understanding of how Simpana 10 enables you not only to protect your data but also increase its business value with new search, access and analytics capabilities.

Audience listening to Mark Bell, CommVault UK at the the Simpana 10 10 Workshop

 Mark Bell, CommVault UK at the Simpana 10 Workshop

Click here to view the presentations»

CommVault - Third Time Proud!

CommVault - Third Time Proud!

CommVault is a Leader in the 2013 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software, for the third year in a row!

Simpana 10 learn more

Once again, Gartner has positioned CommVault as a Leader based on their ability to execute and completeness of vision. The culture of innovation, matched with over 18,000 customers, makes CommVault the world's fastest growing data storage software company. But you won't find CommVault resting on their laurels. 

As data demands continue to multiply, thier focus remains powerful: revolutionize data management. Anticipating the game is at the heart of our Solving Forward® philosophy – CommVault solve their customers' challenges and needs before they arise. 

CommVaults innovative approach transcends backup to help enterprises realize the true business value of their data. 

The Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software presents the next step in the evolution of backup, which incorporates new products, solutions and techniques for protecting, backing up and recovering desktop, laptop, physical server and virtual server files, applications and system images. These backup products provide features such as traditional backup to tape, backup to conventional disk, backup to the cloud, data reduction (compression and deduplication), snapshot, heterogeneous replication, continuous data protection (CDP) and/or virtual tape library (VTL) support, among other capabilities. 

Eventbrite - Simpana 10 - An Exponential Leap

To read more or to download the report click here>


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