SureSkills Awarded Dell Partner of the Year


Multi-national Technology company SureSkills has been named the Country Partner of the Year 2015 at the annual EMEA Dell Solutions Conference held at Metastadt, Vienna. The awards ceremony celebrates and recognises the business achievements of Dell Partners and Distributors and SureSkills was acclaimed as the outstanding Partner in Ireland, ahead of stiff competition from across the country. 

Accepting on behalf of the company was SureSkills CEO Brian Kinsella who collected the award from senior Dell management including Michael Dell, CEO and Chairman. 

“SureSkills are thrilled to have been named Country Partner of the Year,” Brian Kinsella said. “We have worked closely as a Preferred Partner of Dell’s for almost 15 Years and during this time we have built a strong mutually productive relationship. 

“Dell knows they can trust us to position their products and deliver those products to the highest of standards, and SureSkills has the highest confidence in what Dell has to offer.” “There will be tremendous opportunities and challenges on the road ahead but that is when the importance of solid partnership is demonstrated and we look forward to achieving more great things with Dell in the coming years.” 

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IBM Smarter Process Event


SureSkills, in partnership with Glintt and IBM organised an executive briefing around the theme of ‘Driving Operational Efficiency and Business growth’ enabled by IBM Smarter Process. This was an invitation only event, held in the Westbury Hotel in Dublin. The focus of this event was to discuss exactly how organisations are using Smarter Process solutions to improve corporate performance. 

Robert Golladay, IBM Smarter Process Leader Europe and Jorge Manuel Soares, Digital Strategy Specialist at Glintt spoke about how IBM Smarter Process can enable organisations easily improve their operational efficiency and business performance as well as 'digital' customer experience across all channels and business applications, enabled by IBM cloud, analytics, mobile and social. 

Laurence O’Meara, Head of Business Change and Derek Connolly, Development Manager at AIB also shared the banks success and experience of applying digital solutions as a vehicle for business transformation.

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Is the end of support for Windows Server 2003 a cause for panic?

As with ‘Y2K’ at the end of the millennium, clear, logical planning is key to guarding against the worst-case scenario.


Unless you have been living under a rock or have an impressive gift for auto-filtering what information enters your brain, you will be aware that as of July 15thextended support will no longer be available for Windows Server 2003. Of course, this translates into a seemingly nightmare scenario whereby your IT dept will no longer receive patches or security updates to fix bugs or performance issues, meaning your applications and business will be at risk. Any new threats to your systems won’t be tackled and they will become a security risk as well as a big headache on the compliance front. 

Countless blogs and articles have been produced warning of the looming deadline and the huge risk a company will take by not being fully prepared for it. Some companies, like during the Y2K ‘scare’, have tried to take advantage of this by indulging in a little scaremongering, conjuring up all manner of disastrous scenarios in the hope that they can take a sizeable bite out of your IT budget. 

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Cloud computing is a disruptive innovation - ITIL best practice helps you adapt

This white paper sets out to describe at a high level what cloud computing is, how cloud computing is a disruptive innovation and what this means to IT organizations across the globe. Under examination will be the effect of cloud computing on existing IT management practices, including IT service management (ITSM) and ITIL best practices. This paper contains a number of real-life examples where current approaches require some adaption to cater for cloud computing. The summary concludes with an approach on how an IT organization can retain its current ITIL best practices in an environment using and adopting cloud computing and cloud based services.

SMB Cloud Adoption Trends in 2014 Infographic

Infographic: SMB Cloud Adoption Trends in 2014

Today, the cloud is a mainstream part of IT, having been adopted to some degree by nearly 90 percent of businesses. This rapid growth is due largely to the new and unexpected ways in which the cloud has matured over the last few years. 

IT Clouds

The value proposition of cloud computing has always been clear—easy provisioning, flexible scaling and cost savings. But we’re now seeing apps and workloads that IT never expected would run in the cloud—and they’re often running leaner and faster than ever before. 

Say the word “cloud” to an IT professional today, and an entirely different image comes to mind than would have popped up five years ago. 

Early on, “the cloud” meant public cloud. Today it encompasses a range of hybrid offerings—combinations of cloud hosting and dedicated hardware, along with the software tools that enable these systems to work together seamlessly. Cloud security has evolved, too. For years, security concerns have been a major barrier to adoption. But as studies have increasingly concluded that the cloud is as secure as on-premise infrastructure, we’re beginning to see this sentiment shift. One recent study found that 94 percent of SMB cloud adopters report that they have experienced security benefits since moving to the cloud. 

And with the advent of bare metal servers that can be provisioned in minutes, even dedicated hardware is evolving to be more cloud-like. 

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