Implementing Your Cloud Strategy Through Best Practice Methodologies


Best Practice is a fluid concept, but it will always remain just that; the ‘best' 

Implementing Best Practices makes success more realisable, especially when adapted to a particular context/situation. SureSkills in conjunction with our strategic partner AXELOS (the owner of ITIL, PRINCE2), will deliver a practical event to demonstrate the value of utilising Best Practices. Aiming to build on and continue the theme of our last event we will explore how the application of these methodologies provides a practical and common sense framework to guide you through the process of; identifying, planning, delivering and supporting the successfully execution of your Cloud strategy. 

The session will include a practical case study delivered by Ian Fitzgerald, Director of Cloud Platform Services at EMC. Ian will share EMC’s experience, the challenges they faced and quick wins implementing this in a real world environment. This is designed to be an interactive session so attendees and speakers can share opinions, ideas and experiences around Best Practices, the Cloud and how the two come together. The event will increase confidence in your organisation’s approach to implementing its Cloud strategy and will help you formulate a plan with the experience and knowledge gained from a real-life example. 

Who Should Attend: IT Management, Business Unit Managers, IT Services Managers, Supplier Managers, Consultants, CTO’s, CIO’s or any IT professional looking into new solutions for their environment for 2015 and beyond.

Date: March 12th, 2015 

Venue: Clyde Court Hotel, Dublin 4 

Time: 8:30 - 12:30 

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The Challenge In 2015 Is Change Management

What do you need to do to gain access to the skills you need while protecting your investment? 

(As told by SureSkills CTO Kevin Reid  pictured right) - After over half a decade of tough times, it is heartening to see the economy moving back on the right path. Businesses are increasingly in a position to invest in new systems or to upgrade those that have exceeded their useful life and, equally important, to plan for their next generation of ICT. As a result, there are lots ofSureSkills-Kevin-Reid predictions around this time of the year that 2015 will be ‘The Year of X’, whatever X might be. There are certainly plenty of candidates for hype. 

But in truth that’s all fairly superficial. This increased activity that the industry anticipates, brings with it a more fundamental challenge - access to the necessary skills and experience. Another factor to be considered is the relative scarcity and increasing expense of those skills. Acquiring them or upskilling existing staff also raises other questions in an IT labour market that is becoming fluid again. 

So the 2015 question for business ICT is what do you need to do to gain access to the skills you need while protecting your investment? The answer, or at least one effective answer, is a limited form of outsourcing. Most organisations do not want to hand over everything. That is not necessarily just being conservative; after all there is much truth in that old outsourcing mantra ‘do what you do best….’ 

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Why Enterprise Search Can Justify Your eDiscovery Investment

CommVault’s Self-Service Enterprise Search and eDiscovery empowers end users to increase their productivity while legal, regulatory and compliance risk is greatly reduced..... 

A relatively new concept and one which must be a cause for celebration for lawyers everywhere, eDiscovery has grown quickly into its’ own industry, with Gartner* predicting that it will be very high on the agenda of all CIOs for the immediate future. Of course, the concept itself is nothing new – ‘discovery’, the practice whereby litigating parties are required to share information relevant to a legal case has been a feature of systems around the world derived from English common law for decades – but the importance of electronic discovery or eDiscovery or e-Discovery (take your pick) is increasing hugely for an organisation’s legal and compliance departments. 


It is a response from the IT industry to cater for the needs of the legal world which is trying to keep pace, or more accurately, to catch up with changing technology and the exponential growth in electronically-stored information (ESI). Gone are the days when lawyers would spend endless hours sifting through boxes of files searching for relevant documents; now an eDiscovery search, in response to investigations, litigation or regulatory requests, can search, retrieve and analyse all relevant documents at the push of a button. 

 All good so far but although the economically-improving times are allowing organisations to loosen the purse strings a little and invest in technology, many bean counters will want to see a definable, definite need being satisfied and that’s where the argument for investing in eDiscovery falls down a little. Why pay for something which may not be used and if it is, will probably only be used once or twice? Sure, it will be expensive for an organisation that ends up in a situation where they need to retrieve documents for those purposes but if they don’t then the return on investment might seem pretty unappealing. The question to be answered is do you pay now or, maybe, pay later? 

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An Independent Look At The Clouds - Event Video

Microsoft Azure, AWS & VMware Cloud Overview Event

SureSkills recently organised an information packed event “An Independent look at the Clouds” where SureSkills SME’s and industry experts gave an independent overview of the Cloud offerings from the three top vendors; VMware, AWS and Microsoft. We also heard from technical representatives from AWS, Microsoft and VMware during a Q&A  session where attendees had some provocative queries. 




Cloud-Event-121-Discussions             Cloud-Event-Q-and-A-team

Cloud-Event-Vendor-Tables             Cloud-Event-Networking

If your interested in training or consulting for AWS, VMware or Microsoft or you simply want to attend our next event email

AXELOS Selects SureSkills as Strategic Partner

SureSkills partnership with AXELOS strengthened to collaborate working best practices 

The admission of SureSkills into the AXELOS Strategic Partner Scheme is a significant event which will assist, support and help grow the AXELOS global best practice portfolio for the benefit of the best practice community. This announcement strengthens SureSkills’ position as a first-tier training & development organisation, practicing to the highest standards. The organisation will play an integral part in delivering innovative solutions to its customers and reaffirms its commitment to offering IT and Service Management professionals the best possible training and certification, which will contribute greatly to their performance.  

“This is a significant announcement and we are delighted to have been appointed by AXELOS in this important initiative and we look forward to expanding our partnership in other areas" said Ruaidhri McSharry, Chief Operations Officer, Director of Service Management at SureSkills (pictured top right). Ruaidhri went on to say "SureSkills and AXELOS recognise the value of learning and accreditation to individuals, teams and businesses. With our focus on ensuring that learning is applied in the work environment our learning services are designed, developed and delivered in a practical manner and in context – all ensuring a realising business value and return on investment." 

AXELOS have a commitment to nurturing best practice communities on a worldwide scale. The goals of AXELOS are aimed at helping businesses and individuals reach or sustain success; empowering them to truly stand out in a competitive market. 

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