The Key to your Cyber Security Strategy - Event


When a cyber-attack strikes it threatens the fundamentals of a good business – reputation, customer confidence and operational continuity. Knowing how to respond and recover effectively requires clarity and confidence through the cyber resilience of all of your people. That is because businesses don’t detect and protect from a cyber-attack – people do. Equipping people to react and act on cyber is critical for keeping the value of your business, within your business. Cyber resilience ensures this by keeping your reputation intact, customers close and operations up and running. 


Cyber Resilience is the ability for an organization to resist, respond and recover from attacks that will impact the information they require to do business. It is not enough to put up fire walls and build a defense. The whole organization needs to be involved to ensure an awareness, understanding and empathy. This ensures a more sustainable and likely success in IT Security Awareness.

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The Business Value of AWS


Businesses are being challenged to meet new customer expectations influenced by consumer centric applications powered by cloud services. It is important to understand the value of cloud services for enterprises while embarking on the digital transformation journey. 

IDC interviewed ten organizations from a cross section of industries using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to measure how AWS impacts their business operations and IT environments. These organizations are capturing substantial business value by making their operations more efficient and cost-effective, and by better serving their customers with accelerated solution delivery. On average, IDC calculates that these Amazon customers will capture five-year business benefits worth over $1.5 million per application they are running in the AWS environment, and earn a return on their investment in AWS of 560%. They will achieve this value because AWS: 

» Supports expanding application environments at a much lower cost than an on-premise or hosted environment 

» Requires less time to manage, administer and update 

» Provides agility, scalability, and improved performance to better address business opportunities and enhance user productivity 

» Reduces risk and minimizes the frequency of application downtime 

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AWSome Day | Cork 15th of October





The Kingsley Hotel | 15 October 2015 

Just getting started with the Amazon Web Services Cloud? Join others that are new to AWS at the AWS AWSome day, a free one day training event delivered by AWS Technical Instructors. The day starts with a session highlighting how customers are using AWS to develop, deploy and operate secure applications and IT services that improve agility and reduce costs. 

We will then cover AWS foundational services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS before closing the day with an introduction to AWS deployment tools and techniques and the next steps that you can take to continue developing your knowledge. As Ireland's only AWS Authorised Training Partner, SureSkills can offer you the best opportunity to succeed on your AWS journey. 

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SureSkills Sponsor AWS User Group


SureSkills recently sponsored the AWS user group meet up held in the Button Factory in Temple Bar. The Dublin based user group is one of the largest in the world with over 700 members. With numbers like that it was not surprising to see a packed out venue last night eager to hear the speaker’s presentations. The speakers on the night included AWS, Nordcloud, Zalando, Citrix and New Relic with each giving their own angle on the AWS story.

As Ireland’s only AWS Authorised Training Provider and now an AWS Consulting partner, the user group was the perfect environment for SureSkills to showcase our end to end AWS offerings and also share stories about recent projects. It gave us some real insight into the AWS journey of end users and will definitely improve our AWS approach in the future.

Cloud Computing – What have we Learned?


Cloud computing has evolved through a number of phases which include grid and utility computing, application service provision (ASP), and Software as a Service (SaaS). 

But the overarching concept of delivering computing resources through a global network is rooted in the sixties. The idea of an "intergalactic computer network" was introduced in the sixties by J.C.R. Licklider, who was responsible for enabling the development of ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) in 1969. 

His vision was for everyone on the globe to be interconnected and accessing programs and data at any site, from anywhere, explained Margaret Lewis, product marketing director at AMD. "It is a vision that sounds a lot like what we are calling cloud computing." Other experts attribute the cloud concept to computer scientist John McCarthy who proposed the idea of computation being delivered as a public utility, similar to the service bureaus which date back to the sixties. 

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