Dublin Restaurant - How not to use Twitter


Dublin Restaurant calls irate customer an “Ar$ehole” on Twitter….

Management at Cinnamon restaurant in Ranelagh have apologised after a staff member called a customer an "ars#h0le" on Twitter.

The staff member used Cinnamon's Twitter account, which only has 11 tweets to make the statement after the customer complained of having to wait 40 minutes for service and referred to the restaurant as "a pretentious crèche".

The unhappy customer also tweeted that he would not be returning to the restaurant and in response the restaurant staff member responded with: "Here's something else for you to re tweet. You're an arsehole. Why don't you come in and introduce yourself to us."

A member of management said the member of staff had experienced a "moment of madness" that was unprofessional.

"I concede that it was not a professional move to make and was not as jovial as intended," she said.

"To be honest, I am not really sure what the next move should be."

Six hours after the offending tweet was published, the restaurant apologised publically and said disciplinary action has been taken.

"In Cinnamon the customer is our priority, we have a huge number of regular customers, many of whom have now become our friends. We sincerely apologise to all of our customers for the offence caused by our comments on Twitter."

Since the tweet was posted earlier today, Twitter users have lambasted the restaurant's social media blunder, which has already received over 100 retweets.

Restaurants Association of Ireland chief executive Adrian Cummins said it is important to have a good relationship with all customers. (Irish Times)


"The customer is king at the moment and there is a need to address complaints in an organised fashion and expletives are not the way to go about it," he said. 

He also advised other restaurants to use social media wisely.

"I advise all our members to be careful what they tweet. We need to be careful how we use the power of social media."

The Twitter Conversation between customer and restaurant below.


                 Cinnamon Twitter

Monday afternoon the restaurant took to facebook to apologise further:

                 Cinnamon apology

So, another social media blunder story to add to the ever growing list of mistakes companies and account owners are making all across the world on various Social Media platforms from Twitter, Facebook to YouTube.

Today there are endless ways to communicate with our workforce, customers and stakeholders. Business has never been more exciting and building loyal communities has never been more achievable.

But in growing and building your company/organisation you are also charged with protecting your Brand and Reputation….

One ill-thought Tweet, Blog or Facebook post can destroy years of hard work and Corporate Governance. So what can you do?

The first step we recommend is to educate yourself and your Social Media team.

At SureSkills we understand the power of Social Media and both the positivity and negativity that’s comes with the territory.

We realize that one reactive “moment of madness” can damage your brand to the point of no return, that is why we dedicate one full session of Social Media Monitoring and Online PR training on the SureSkills Diploma in Digital Marketing. During the module you will look at practical tips, tools and useful planning techniques that will help you understand the benefits and risks of social media and plan effective strategies to manage your reputation online.  You will evaluate appropriate channels, content, tools, techniques and resources for your social media activity as well as learning how to deal with those ever increasing “crisis situations”.

Covered on this module

- The Social positioning of organisations

- Online reputation management

- Reputation monitoring tools

- Understanding social consumers

- Finding and engaging influencers

- Using Online PR to enhance your brand awareness

- Legal issues of Social Media

- Online PR Resources

- Online PR Concepts

- Online Crisis Handling

- What not to do…..

Who should attend?

This module is highly relevant to anybody with a responsibility for monitoring an online brand, social media account or website or any professional looking for a deeper understanding of using social media channels within a marketing strategy.

Check out the latest video from the Digital Marketing & Social Media Division for more information on our tailored and public Digital Marketing and  Social Media training programmes.



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