Google Doodle Olympic Themed Games For The London 2012 Olympics


The London Olympics 2012 finally drew to a spectacular grand closing ceremony last night. The 17-Day sporting event witnessed various new records and memorable sporting moments that will live long in the memories of the millions of viewers. Over 10,000 athletes from 204 nations participated in the 302 events in 26 Sports.

American swimmer Michael Phelps, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and Britain’s Mo Farah emerged as legends during the Olympic games and cemented their places in the record books but it was Katie Taylor who completed a lifetime dream by winning an Olympic gold medal when she beat Russia's Sofya Ochigava 10-8 in the women's lightweight final at the ExCel Arena that really captured the hearts of the Irish audiences. As the athletes touched down in Dublin airport today onboard was Ireland's medal tally of one gold, one silver and three bronze, matching the record total from Melbourne in 1956.

A big congratulations from all in SureSkills to all those who competed in the Olympics but especially to Team Ireland, England and USA who were cheered on so eagerly from our Dublin, Belfast and Texas offices.

Not to be outdone by all the heroics of the London 2012 Olympic Games search engine giants Google very cleverly decided to create some new unique Olympic themed Google Doodles for each day of the games. Google's doodles during these Olympics have ranged from tributes to top athletes to collections of different Olympic sports with some Doddles being interactive. Last Friday it was the turn off soccer to take center stage with the Soccer Olympic game doodle. It was not the only Olympic themed Google Doodle during the 17 day period as the search engine giant produced Doodles representing the Hurdles, Basketball, and Slalom Canoe in a skillfully created animated game doodle that generated some great interest all across the globe.

The Soccer Doodle was pretty simple, you just had to control and move the goalkeeper to stop the oppositions freekick taker. If you tapped the left arrow key and right arrow key you moved the keeper from side to side, the space bar button allowed the keeper to jump up to stop the high lobbed shots. You were given 3 lives per game losing a life for every goal you conceded and marked out of a possible three stars for shot stopped. The better you are, the faster they fly.  Play now and share your score amongst friends on Google+.

The Doodles followed on from the success of the first Google daily game doodle in 2010 when users logged on in their millions to play the Pac Man Doodle to celebrate its 30th anniversary. It was so popular in fact, it was made playable forever.

In May this year, Google again came up with an ingenious Doodle the Google Moog Synthesizer to celebrate Dr Robert Moog’s (“father of the electronic synthesizer”) 78th birthday. Users could create their own electronic music courtesy of Google and share their creations through multiple social media forums.

In line with the overall success of the London 2012 Olympics Google really captured the imaginations of its users with its simple and astute creative games. So it is Rio Brazil in 2016 for the next Olympics, let’s hope we don’t have to wait four years for the next Google Doodle.

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