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Baselines & Gap Analysis

Baseline and gap assessments provide an objective external assessment to validate current state, identify opportunities to improve, or provide a reference against which planned initiatives can be measured. 

 We typically deal with two contexts:

1. As an IT function we are always striving to improve - optimizing effectiveness, efficiency and value whilst maintaining alignment with our customers' needs

- We need regular baselines to help us understand where we are in the content of our roadmap / journey.

- Have we improved since our last assessment- How do we compare with other organizations / best practice?

- Where do we need to focus our improvements next?

2. Any "Change" is a change of state from one know-point to another

- If we want to demonstrate the effect / benefit of a change, we need to understand where we were before and where we are after the change.

- Baseline assessment provides context, which allows us to justify that a proposed change is required. "We need to improve service quality" is likely to be approved than statements such as,"This initiative will reduce incident resolution times by 20%, improving user productivity by x hours per week and minimizing adverse impact on the business".

- The ability to demonstrate benefits is particularly important for any quality of service initiative. The baseline assessment provides us with the KPI before the change was applied. Failure to capture the initial baseline position is a common reason for IT being unable to demonstrate the benefits of an initiative.

- In turn, this makes it more difficult to get business support for future initiatives.

Baselines and Gap Analysis