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  • Our infrastructure & professional IT services team has nearly 20 years of international experience in providing solutions in; Virtualization, Storage Management and Business Continuity for business and enterprise environments.
  • As the leading supplier of ITIL & PRINCE2 training and consultancy in Ireland, SureSkills is in a unique position as a provider of Managed IT Services & Support. Our expertise means we can consistently provide the highest quality service at the best value for money.
  • Working with clients ranging from global organizations to government, universities and smaller organizations, we have the proven expertise to help you reach your technology and business goals.
  • Find out what makes SureSkills Consulting & Solutions an ideal partners to help with change projects in your organisation and the wider enterprise.

Change Management & Business Continuity

SureSkills provides a comprehensive consulting and training programme covering all aspects of change management to minimize negative impact.

Configuration Management: 

The more you grow, the less you know... Unless you are managing the recording and updating of your hardware and software. SureSkills offers expert configuration management to help you manage your operational performance.

Business Continuity Planning:

 We help organisations identify and address exposure to internal and external threats, and create a plan for you to stay in business in the event of disaster.

Services are delivered by managing the components that make up the service. Many of these are technical components but the service also relies on other 'elements' including people, processes, documentation, etc.

Configuration Management:

Ensures we understand the components that make up the service and critically the relationships between the components, which allows the value to be delivered

Change Management ensures that we only apply changes that add value and it ensures that we do not compromise the quality of the service when the change is being applied. Change Management controls changes to the authorized 'components' or 'Configuration Items' within the environment. 

Continuity Minimize

Not only do we have to deliver services on a day to day basis, but we also need to ensure that these services can be available and can be used by the business in the event of a disaster.

 IT Service Continuity Management, works in conjunction with Business continuity to ensure that the business and associated IT services can be recovered in line with business requirements in the event of a disaster

SureSkills can offer assistance whether you are developing a Business Continuity Plan or an IT Continuity Arrangement.