PRINCE2® - "SureSkills delivers PRINCE2® training on an ongoing basis to ESB, through private, tailored training and attendance on our regularly scheduled public courses. SureSkills trained our senior IT project management team. A post-course consulting workshop followed training, which helped our managers define and formalise our own approach to project management based on PRINCE2®. This ensured that not only did we learn the theory of PRINCE2® but we were also able to tailor it in the context of our own environment, ensuring that we saw real business value". - Cormac Bland, ESB Business Service Centre

Technology Type: Project Management Code Days
PRINCE2 Foundation SSZ941 3
PRINCE2 Practitioner SSZ942 2
PRINCE2 Agile SSZ999 3

PRINCE2® is recognised as a world-class international product and standard method for project management. Used extensively by the UK/I Governments, PRINCE2® is also widely recognised and used in the private sector, both in the UK, Ireland and internationally. The PRINCE2® method is in the public domain, and offers non-proprietorial best practice guidance on project management. 


At SureSkills, our aim is to give you the best PRINCE2® training offered anywhere-guaranteed. Our trainers are practitioners and this understanding of the real world of project management comes through in the context and practical nature of our deliveries. In addition we are focused on helping you and your company with the management of your projects and ultimately your results. That's why we have lifetime pre and post course support for all our delegates and consulting clients. We help you apply the knowledge from the PRINCE2® programme in your environment. SureSkills are the longest directly accredited company in Ireland delivering over 3,000 exams every year. SureSkills are regularly audited to ensure our training programme and trainers are up to the accreditation body, Axelos. We are proud to announce that we have a 98.8% PRINCE2® Foundation success rate further highlighting our expertise in Project Management and PRINCE2® Training. Our priority is that you see real value and return on your training investment.


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