Personal & Professional Effectiveness
Leadership & Management
Finance & Financial Awareness
HR, Training & Recruitment
  • Being effective in the workplace means being able to punch above your weight as a person, so that’s the starting point for this course. Our training focuses on shaping the individual to grow and develop their existing talents, giving them new skills to use in the workplace.
  • Leadership & Management
    Our Leadership Programmes are delivered by accredited business coaches and mentors. Working with the individual’s existing skills, we apply the curriculum (Teambuilding, Effective Meetings, and Finance for the Non Finance Manager etc.) to mold that person into a more effective leader and manager.
  • By giving non-financial managers a framework of essential financial terminology, concepts and applications, the SureSkills Finance for Non-Financial Managers programme enables them to analyse and interpret commonly used financial information in making business decisions and working more effectively with the financial managers of their organisations.
  • Our Programmes are delivered by experienced HR/Training Professionals and include. They cover: Train the Trainer, TNA, Employment Law, Recruitment and Selection, Diversity, Disability, Equality in the workplace, and more.
Technology Type: Sales and Marketing Programmes Code Days
Influencing & Negotiation Skills SSBS037 1

The Sales Team is often a business’s greatest asset since it, uniquely, holds the key to success and profitability. But if the team is inadequately briefed, under skilled or simply not properly prepared to meet client requests, hungry rivals will snatch away the prize. 

Our Sales and Marketing Programmes (Customer Care, Account Management, and Customer Relationship Management) are designed to prevent such disappointments, aiming to train your key sales players to grab the initiative and hold onto it. Click on any of the links below to find out more.

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