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Patrick Costello

Microsoft CRM Dynamics Programme

Microsoft & SureSkills have identified an increasing need for more technical resources within the community. With cloud consumption being at the forefront of Microsoft’ minds, having a sufficient supply of quality engineers is vital. Microsoft understands there is a need to address this issue in the quickest manner possible in order to meet the current markets demand and future potential. 

Working in partnership with Microsoft, SureSkills has designed a structured programme aimed at university graduates and junior employees. This programme provides participants with professional training, industry recognised certification and the practical skill set to ensure that they can progress to become a valuable member of their team, delivering return on investment to the business in the most effective, efficient and economical way. 

This programme focuses on giving the participants an understanding of Microsoft and a specialised area of expertise in CRM Dynamics to be applicable to their job roles and develop the skills and techniques associated with effective service delivery in this dynamic environment. 

Programme Objective MS-Dynamics-Banner-Image-SureSkills-Blog

The premise behind this programme is to provide a Fast-Track that will enhance junior employee’s and graduates technical IT skills and provide a basis for the business and people skills that will enable them to make a contribution to the organisation in the quickest turnaround. 

The programme is a blend of technical, business and practical knowledge including people management & communication skills, reflecting the need to move from the theoretical scenario to a fast paced commercial and performance based environment of a successful professional consultant. 

The objectives of this programme are to provide participants with the skills, knowledge, and relevant certifications and techniques to equip them to become productive and commercially aware employees within a technical speciality, while also allowing for a development and transformation of their people skills. This personal developmental dimension to the programme is designed to accelerate their understanding of the work environment and their contribution within it. 

Advantages of the programme 

  • Complete Engineer skill set designed with Microsoft in response to industry demands 
  • Microsoft team engagement throughout the programme 
  • Fast Track skill sets which otherwise may take years 
  • Latest 2016 Certifications 
  • Custom training content such as EMS and OMS 
  • Tailored soft skills courses for Microsoft Engineers 
  • Seminars from SureSkills services team and CTO 
  • Real world practical project work 

On completion of the programme participants should not only be technically competent, but they will also be practically capable and have the ability to work alongside current engineers adding value. This will be achieved through onsite days with Microsoft partners, sessions with from experienced technical consultants, soft skills training and time with Microsoft’s technical team.

There is also plans in place to run a further two tracks around Microsoft Azure and Office 365 so if you would like to find out more about how to get involved, contact one of our Learning Consultants today on 01 240 2262 or email

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