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Business Intelligence – Turn your Data into Decisions

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Every business spends time and effort gathering and reporting data. Whether it’s exporting from their CRM software or creating reports from internal Excel workbooks – assembling business performance statistics can be a manual and time-consuming task. What’s more, the gathering and reporting exercise is repeated day after day and month after month – even though it’s only the data that changes, not the structure of the reports!

At SureSkills, we help businesses to streamline and automate the flow of data from source through to publication. We transform reporting from a repetitive manual assembly and distribution exercise to an “always on”, self-service and interactive view of your key business information.  We deliver this by transforming three areas – Process (how and from where do you gather your information?), Performance Metrics (what are the metrics that help  you identify business performance?) and Publication (who needs access to your performance data and how would they like to view it?).

Our ultimate objective is to provide an interactive Business Performance Information dashboard that is updated as often as you choose at the click of a button and that is easily shared with stakeholders to view on PC’s, laptops, smartphones or any device they choose!

Gain Valuable Knowledge on Your Specific GDPR & Service Management Requirements in our FREE Event

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If you are a Project Manager, Business Analyst or Service Manager, or if you are responsible for addressing GDPR, you don’t want to miss SureSkills’ FREE GDPR event!


On Tuesday 20th February, SMPM and GDPR experts will deliver a practical demo of the first steps to addressing GDPR into your organisation’s plan. Helping you deliver a key differentiator to both your customers and your business - leading to continued success!

3 Essential Reasons to Get an ITIL Certification

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Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of best practices that are meant to focus on a businesses IT service requirements. After completing ITIL training, professionals will hold even more value to their organisation, making them more employable. There are a number of benefits of pursuing an ITIL certification, but today we are listing the three most important reasons why you should consider ITIL training. 

Join us at the Irish Brokers Association Annual General Conference in Croke Park on November 16th

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Visit our stand at this year’s Irish Brokers Association Annual General Conference taking place on Thursday 16th November 2017 in the Cusack Suite, Croke Park, Dublin to be in with a chance of winning two tickets to see Ireland play Fiji at the Aviva Stadium on November 18th.

The theme of this year’s annual conference is titled ‘A Vision of the Future’ which will explore a variety of relevant broker topics including: Irish, UK and European market developments; cyber security; digital strategy and business mentoring on future challenges facing brokers.

5 eLearning Trends to Expect in 2018

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It’s that time of year when we reflect on what worked (and what didn’t) in 2017. Part of that process is to look to the future of our industry – to think about what 2018 will look like in the world of eLearning. For that reason, we have put together a list of eLearning trends we believe will have the biggest impact in 2018.

What’s interesting about many of these trends is that they have been around (in some form) for a long time. Although some of our trends were once outliers in the eLearning community, they have become major players because of what we know about effective workplace learning. 

With that in mind, here are 5 eLearning trends we will see in 2018.