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The Role of Competency Based Learning in Customer Success

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Our previous article "Why Education is the Scale Engine for your Customer Success" gave a high-level overview of some of the best-in-class approaches for designing, creating and delivering education to SaaS end users.

In this article, we will be digging a little deeper into Competency Based Learning, how it differs from most training available today and how it can drive accelerated adoption and user retention. 

Join us at the AWS AWSome Day in Cork

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Just getting started with Amazon Web Services Cloud? 

Join others that are new to AWS at the AWSome day, a free one day training event delivered by AWS Technical Instructors. The day starts with a session highlighting how and why customers are using AWS to develop, deploy and operate secure applications and IT services. 

They will then cover AWS foundation and infrastructure services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS before closing the day with an introduction to AWS deployment tools and techniques and the next steps that you can take to continue developing your knowledge. 

Why Education is the Scale Engine for your Customer Success

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Customer Success teams are responsible for driving increased adoption of SaaS services. Unfortunately, even the most beautifully designed, highly functional services will go unused if customers are not shown how to utilise the product effectively in their everyday lives.


For SaaS companies selling to large enterprises, role-based, personalised learning can accelerate on-boarding and help maximise a service's value over time. For that reason, education is emerging as a key driver of customer success.

Learn to build a world-class Backup and DR solution in our FREE event

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On Thursday 12th October, IT experts from SureSkills, IBM and CommVault will discuss how Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service can benefit your business.

The traditional IT model is becoming stale – where you own infrastructure, plan for 5 to 7 years in terms of storage, anticipating requirements and reacting when there is a gap. When business changes, backup and DR need to react. But this is a distraction when the production systems are the key to business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery have changed.

Want your DR to do more? Now with IBM, VMware and SureSkills, it can

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For many organisations, that moment when disaster strikes and there is a need to invoke the disaster recovery (DR) plan or start restoring from backup is fraught with tension. There are good reasons for that. Surveys show a large number of organisations still don’t test their DR plans frequently enough to trust that they will work when needed. 

Building an effective DR plan has always been a challenge: IT teams have to prove the system is reliable, that it will protect their critical applications and deliver services back to the business in a granular fashion. And all while managing the cost.