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At SureSkills we believe that your people are your best assets. We understand that continuous improvement, development, training & relevant certification is what empowers your people to stand out and be fully prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. 

We seek to enable such progression through the ongoing power of learning, the review, identification and availability of new courses, allied to relevant professional vendor certifications, roadmaps and accreditation's. 

With over 20 Years of experiences we are proud to say that SureSkills delivers to you our Knowledge, Skills, Competencies, People and Positive Attitude today, to ensure your success tomorrow.

6 Insider Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Saba Investment

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As a forward thinking, 21st-century organization, you understand that your greatest asset for achieving continued business success is your team. You know that for an organization to stay relevant, leadership can't come only from the top. Leadership, initiative, and expertise must come from every team member. But because the pace of change is so rapid in today's business environments, you know that for your employees to contribute as effectively as possible, you’ll need to equip them with today's number one job skill – adaptability.

So, you are considering and/or have introduced Saba – an empowering learning and talent management platform that delivers collaborative and continuous training to your employees, maximizes their potential, and captures their feedback in real time. 

People matter most: How to empower your employees to be successful

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Recent breakthroughs in communication, information, learning and talent management technologies have fundamentally changed the way people live and work. Conventional work environments with cubicles, landlines, and desks piled high with paper are now being replaced with paperless, open-plan work spaces that look more like communal living rooms. Smartphones are increasingly being used for workplace communication, and there has been a shift towards Cloud-based file storage and online collaborative working. The dramatic rise in staff remote working practices has led some companies to wonder if they need physical office locations at all

What IT Professionals Need to Know About Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud-computing platform that allows you to shift your focus from managing and maintaining physical servers to solving business problems and addressing customer needs online. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications and frameworks of your choice.

Today we’re highlighting the three main features IT professionals need to know before using Microsoft Azure.

SureSkills Launches its Disaster Recovery as a Service Offering

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SureSkills has launched its Disaster Recovery as a Service offering, to provide customers with a managed service that delivers assurance they can quickly restore critical systems in the event of service disruption.

As organisations come to depend more than ever on their IT, and those systems grow in complexity, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to manage a resiliency strategy. The recent BA IT outage and the global WannaCry ransomware infection were stark reminders of how much businesses rely on IT, and the resulting risk when those systems are no longer available.

Such a scenario is becoming increasingly common. According to a business continuity survey by IBM, almost four out of ten organisations have had to execute their disaster recovery plan during the past two years, because of an interruption to their IT service.