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What Cloud Services Hold the Greatest Value for Irish Organisations?

Patrick Costello 0 1564

Most organisations, ultimately, want to do business easier: to sell more and to scale. The IT industry talks about cloud services like email and messaging, or websites and e-commerce, and thinks in terms of Office 365 or the Google Apps suite. Customers talk about business-driven imperatives like improving productivity, enabling collaboration, or getting faster access to information. 

We know this because we surveyed our customers about what services would benefit from being migrated to a cloud platform, and what were the biggest business benefits of doing so. At 26.5% and 25.3% respectively, email and websites were the top candidates for cloud migration. Some 22% of our customers said moving IT infrastructure to the cloud would deliver business benefits. In our experience, as customers understand the general value of cloud, they then begin looking at how they manage and mine information. CRM is a classic example of this, and was next in our survey (16%).