We bring your concepts to life – using industry standard  methodologies and best practice frameworks, thereby mitigating risk to ensure the project goes live smoothly, and on-time in a controlled environment. 

We build assets that empower your people, create more effective solutions and build new value from lasting change.
Managing Infrastructure Change

Making changes to IT infrastructure can be a disruptive experience for many. Even small changes can lead to ripple effect consequences, particularly where systems are interdependent or involve many components.

Fear of the unknown can lead to bad outcomes, particularly when organisations are tempted to implement any kind of change with fragmented, undocumented or manual processes. An ad-hoc approach too often leaves room for omissions and errors that cause additional problems to arise.

Partnering with an expert like SureSkills, allows you to manage costs and risks meticulously – giving you greater control over your infrastructure and eliminating unnecessary cost and complexity.

Having successfully managed change projects for hundreds of public and private sector organisations for over 15 years, we provide all the clarity and backup you need to execute that change and deliver real business value with minimum risk and maximum efficiency.

Whether you’re building a new infrastructure, evolving an existing environment or creating cloud-based solutions, tap into our high-calibre expertise to develop new capabilities and exploit greater opportunities.

Disaster Recovery

The saying that ‘those who conduct backups are only two failed restores away from a pink slip’ is nearly as old as IT itself but the importance it attaches to Disaster Recovery still rings true.

A good DR plan consists of policies and procedures derived from your organisation’s IT set-up that will enable the recovery or continuation of vital IT infrastructure and systems should a serious or unexpected disruption occur.

From data protection to replication, the appropriate strategy is driven by the business value of the platform. We ask all the right questions to develop watertight backup, recovery and business continuity plans for your infrastructure.


Hybrid IT is a flexible way to manage some IT resources in-house and use cloud-based services for others. More and more organisations are maintaining a centralised approach to IT governance while enjoying the scalability and agility that cloud platforms deliver. Whether it’s a single or multi-vendor approach, we can help you figure out what’s right for you.

Production & Go Live

Only when your infrastructure has been tested and validated for production will our experts transition existing and new workloads to the new platform. We will also ensure you have access to key knowledge, operational guidelines and support documentation for ongoing sustainment.

What our clients have to say...

“We have used Sureskills for a number of years to support our network and are more than happy with the excellent level of support we get from all members of the team. As a technical organisation we are heavily dependent on IT to deliver our services to our clients and we are safe in the knowledge that Sureskills will be there to support all our queries and requirements in a very efficient, timely and friendly manner”. 

- Joanne O'Shea, ICT Manager, The State Laboratory

Not convinced? Take a look at some of the complex projects in our case studies section where we helped to transform businesses just like yours.



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