Data Management

We have long-standing partnerships with the most important

technology companies - IBM, Microsoft, VMware, AWS and Commvault.


Commvault Approved Support Partner

SureSkills is a Commvault Approved Support Partner in Ireland and provide world class data management support from our Network Operations Centre for organisations across many different sectors. 

Data Protection

Your volume of data has doubled or even tripled over the last few years, but have you changed how you manage and protect that data? Are you able to meet your business recovery time objectives? Have you tested the systems you have in place? Having the right Data Management partner by your side means that you can be assured of the right support to make sure your data is not only safe but always accessible.

Data Systems

Because storage solutions have fallen in price at the same time as their capacity has increased, many companies are now running into a new issue: how to back up important data and recover it in a timely manner. As one of the most experienced and renowned Data management specialists in Ireland SureSkills can not only help you Design Build and Sustain great Data Management systems and services we can also support you every step of the way.

Data Planning

As you take advantage of storage technologies and increased capacity, you also need a strategy that considers how the volume of data will impact your recovery requirements. We work with you to develop a robust data storage and management plan that is unique to your information and backs it up in the shortest possible time. We design systems using a combination of vaulting, tiering, data de-duplication and archiving to maximise storage space and network speed.

Case Study - National Library Of Ireland

The National Library of Ireland identified that the age and long term sustainability of their existing storage platform were unsuitable for the predicted growth in data storage and the changing requirements of the organisation. Based on this they went to the market to obtain 100TB+ of SAN storage suitable for the use cases and platform in use within the library. The solution needed to be scalable both in the primary site and for DR purposes longer term.

Not convinced? Take a look at the full case study and see how our expertise can solve your business challenges.