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We’ve learned that capturing the training need effectively is a critical element that’s often missing from conventional design principles. All too often this phase is overlooked, viewed from the wrong perspective or not considered in the rush to start producing content. CAP/id² starts with the consultation phase – where the fundamental requirement is captured accurately alongside any supporting contextual detail. This provides a clear understanding of the training aims right from the start.


As with any design concept, the initial creation phases establishes the foundations for a successful project. Our course design template defines the scope of a course, as well as content references and supporting educational/business value statements. This allows for collaborative brainstorming and refinement of the content before production.


On completion of Analysis, the Production Phase ensures the project team explores a series of review stages. Because we have already created the approved course design template, moving through the production cycle from Alpha, Beta and Final stages is seamless. As the content is developed, content can be updated or adapted at any point, significantly reducing the risk of the project moving out of agreed budgets or timelines.


The implementation Phase can be overlooked in the instructional design process. To reduce quality issues, such as system bugs in ‘Real World’ test environments, we put great emphasis on conducting robust User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of all content. This allows you to test the course and be 100% confident that it delivers on the requirement specification.


Independent of the modal type, we do what we do so your people can fly. That means delivering a coherent learning experience either through instructors or hosting within your learning/content management systems. The delivery phase ensures content is delivered in the right place at the right time to the right person and the supporting evaluation criteria are fulfilled. Further steps enhance engagement with the learner as well as validate the impact of your training investment through analytics and/or measurement.

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