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We help today’s knowledge workers succeed by providing tailored learning solutions. For the first time, there are four generations in the workforce, all with different attitudes, behaviours and approaches to work and learning. We work to understand emerging trends and technological innovation so that we can deliver what is exactly right for you and your learners. Our team of expert Instructional Designers, Media Developers, Technical Writers, Technical SMEs and Project Managers have the skills and experience to bring insight and intelligence to your programmes and inspire innovation in your products and services.

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Instructional System Design Consultancy

Producing engaging digital learning content requires excellence in analysis, design, and production. However, an effective educational strategy is needed to ensure that your digital learning strategy is aligned to your business objectives. We provide a consultancy service that analyses your People, Process, and Technology to identify and recommend solutions to streamline and enhance your education strategy.

Video on Demand

Learners need to consume content quickly and visually. In fact, 98% of organizations said they would implement video as part of their learning strategy. For that reason, our team of media developers create interactive videos that align with your business goals, keeping learners engaged and boosting training adoption. We create animations in-house and partner with your SMEs to create video content that can be used as standalone eLearning or as follow-ups to training events.

Mobile Learning

We build responsive content that can be consumed on any device at any time. Because workers are often overwhelmed by busy schedules, mobile learning puts learners in control of their own training. When combined with modular learning, short nuggets of training can be delivered whenever the learner needs them.

Software Simulations

Product training can become dull without getting hands-on exposure to the product itself. We design and develop software simulations that replicate software interfaces to enable a learner to try it for themselves.

Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training (ILT) provides a personalized 1 to 1 learning experience allowing learners to ask questions, get instant feedback, and enable networking. We design and develop ILT courseware and deliver training globally for complex, technical products.

Modular Design

Our eLearning is customized for your needs and tailored to your audience. We consider requirements, timelines, budget, and business goals, then align them to industry-leading instructional design methodologies (CAPid2) and graphic and media design principles.

Micro/Bite-sized Learning

Learners have limited time and attention for training in today’s business world. For that reason, micro or modular content is essential to help learners get the right training at the right time. Modular content is short 2-4 minute videos that are supported by additional material as needed, and can be quickly changed or adapted over time as needed. These assets can be offered ‘anytime, anywhere’ because content is consumed on any device.


Humans invest 3 billion hours a week playing online games, and we want to increase that amount. Our goal is to gamify the learning experience to make learning fun while increasing retention and learner satisfaction. We leverage gamer power to solve real-world problems.

Social Learning

Social learning happened before your organization had basic training in place, in the office and around the water cooler. With a global and decentralized workforce, social learning platforms have enabled employees to replicate this behaviour. Learners have a need to be self-determined, autonomous, and connected to each other and a successful social learning strategy enables a pull vs push approach. We develop tailored social learning strategies to meet your learners’ needs.

Technical Labs

Software simulations are an effective part of any learning strategy, however, when your learners need to get real-world experience with a system or tool, you need a sandbox lab environment that delivers training through a structured lab guide, mirroring real-world use cases. Learners can explore, fail, and succeed in a safe virtual environment.

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