Education Lifecycle Management

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Education Lifecycle Management

Global enablement programs, both internal or external, are often highly complex and can involve many stakeholders across multiple lines of business. Close engagement and alignment of goals, priorities, and resources is the key to success. Failure to achieve this can lead to poor execution, a costly duplication of effort, inefficient use of time and resources, and ultimately a poor learner experience. At SureSkills, learning services has evolved to meet the demands of business in the 21st century. Our highly skilled teams can fully manage your global Operational Readiness programs while aligning stakeholders and objectives with your company’s strategic goals. We do this at scale using refined governance processes and advanced project management methods to boost efficiency and eliminate costly misuse of time and resources, while delivering high-quality learning experiences for all users. Here we outline some of the ways you can get the most out of your learning services.

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Education Lifecycle Management

Organisations are discovering that outsourcing their education, enablement and knowledge management competency is the most effective and efficient way to reach their goals. At some level, all new learning programs involve change. And change is by definition uncomfortable. Things rarely stand still for long, especially if you have enablement projects that need to flex up or down in line with your business operations. Our Managed Learning Services is underpinned by our proven governance model which supports a full range of organisational learning and knowledge products, services and solutions. In our experience the most resilient enterprises are built on a seamless and continuous combination of intelligent strategy and outstanding creativity. The diagram above demonstrates how and where SureSkills Managed Learning Services can add significant and measurable value to that process.

What we do
  • Managed Global Enablement Service
  • Competency Frameworks 
  • Assessment & Benchmarking 
  • Data Analytics & BI 
  • Enablement Excellence Framework (EEF) 
  • Course Design Specification (CDS) 
  • Governance structures 
  • ELM integration with Product Group and DevOps
  • Impact Matrix 
  • Closed loop reporting – program impact & effectiveness 
  • Voice of the learner (VOL)

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