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Is the Business Analysis Foundation Course a pre-requisite for the BCS Diploma?

No. However it is the best starting point for those with little background in Business Analysis since it provides an overview of all the main topics. 

Is the exam fee included in the price of a course?

Yes. SureSkills prices for the various BCS classroom courses include the exam fee. Take care when looking at non SureSkills options: trainers will sometimes present the exam as an optional extra. If you do not need the exam then let us know.


What other Business Analysis Certifications are worth considering?

Apart from the BCS, consider the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). Their courses cover similar content – though perhaps with greater concentration on “Requirements”. Their CBAP certification is not widely recognised in the UK but can be useful for those working for organisations based in North America. We can provide IIBA training but there are few public scheduled courses.


Which order should I take the modules for the BCS Diploma?

It is not essential to take the modules in a given order.  Most people prefer to take Business Analysis Practice or Requirements Engineering first since they deliver very practical skills and help provide a framework for broader understanding of Business Analysis.

Why can I not find Business Analysis Essentials?

This has been renamed BCS Business Analysis Practice.  Until recently, many people assumed that the best introductory course was Business Analysis Essentials. It is in fact a practitioner level course which sets Business Analysis in broad strategic context.


What delivery formats are available for Business Analysis training?

Our comprehensive Business Analysis classroom course schedule is supplemented by in house training and distance learning delivery options. In house Business Analysis training is a convenient and cost-effective study method for organisations looking to train a group of delegates. The training can be delivered at our training center or onsite, at your premises which avoids travel and accommodation costs.


As a long time training provider of Business Analysis, SureSkills has the skills and experience to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of maintaining or upgrading current certification.


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