Commvault's Certification Program validates expertise and advanced knowledge in a number of topics.
Commvault® Certified Professional

Learn essential skills for installing and configuring Commvault® software to protect data in virtual and physical infrastructures. This 5-day course provides all the information needed to get your Commvault environment up and running including: 

  • CommServe® server configuration, MediaAgent design, agent deployment, storage configuration, and data security

  • The class is balanced between technical discussions using detailed diagrams and white board sessions, and hands -on labs using Education Services CVLab environment focusing on both the Admin Console and the CommCell® Console

Exam Specifics:

  • Total Questions: 40

  • Time Allotment: 90 Minutes

  • Passing Grade: 70% 

Important Note: You have only one chance to take the exam per registration. You must complete the entire exam once the exam session is started

Virtual Data Management Exam

The Commvault Certified Specialist - Virtual Data Management (VDM)Online Exam assesses the candidate's level of comprehension for:

  • Planning & Design

  • Environment Configuration

  • Agent Configuration

  • Hypervisor Design & Configuration

Exam Specifics:

  • Total Questions:25

  • Time Allotment:75 Minutes

  • Passing Grade: 75% (19 correct answers)

Important Note: You have only one chance to take the exam per registration. You must complete the entire exam once the exam session is started.

Disaster Recovery – Design and Implementation

This 2-day Instructor-Led course is intended for administrators, engineers and other personnel who have completed Core Fundamentals. It is designed for those responsible for disaster recovery planning and implementation using Commvault Simpana® software. This course addresses topics ranging from general disaster recovery concepts and terminology to specific planning and recovery steps using tools and technologies relevant to Simpana software.

Students are instructed on ways to identify risk factors affecting all CommCell® components as well as suggested response levels and approaches that help reduce the potential impact to production environments. Through real-world scenarios and hands-on practice labs, students integrate and apply knowledge to effectively recover all necessary CommCell components.


Attendees should have attended the Core Fundamentals course.

Simpana® Master Class Exam

The master certification assesses the learner’s expert level understanding of Simpana® core technologies including: 

  • Common Technology Engine (CommServe, MediaAgents, indexing)

  • Processes and log files

  • Architecture and storage design (disk, tape, deduplication, and cloud)

  • Data protection (backup, recovery, Simpana OnePass™, virtualization, and IntelliSnap® technology)

  • Security (firewall, encryption and CommCell® security)

  • Data and information management (DLM/ILM concepts, retention, reference copy, compliance design and content indexing and search)

  • Troubleshooting (methodology, tools and log analysis)

Exam Specifics: 

  • Total questions: 75

  • Time Allotment: 180 Minutes

  • Passing Grade: 80%

Important Note: Required minimum of 18+ months working with Simpana® software. andequired Commvault® Certified Specialist on Simpana 10 software.

As a long time training partner of Commvault, SureSkills has the skills and experience to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of maintaining or upgrading current certification.


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