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What is ITIL?

ITIL is the only consistent and comprehensive documentation of best practice for IT Service Management. Used by many hundreds of organizations around the world, a whole ITIL philosophy has grown up around the guidance contained within the ITIL books and the supporting professional qualification scheme.

Do I have to receive training to sit the exam?

Candidates are able to self study (i.e. take the examination at a public exam center without attending an accredited training course) , but classrom training is recommended for the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management examination only. All higher level ITIL examinations require a candidate to complete mandatory accredited training before being able to take the examination. This decision has been made by the ITIL Qualification Board because the higher level ITIL courses are focused toward the practical application and analysis of ITIL principles and knowledge. As a result, the examination requires candidates to display a deeper level of understanding than would be gained through self study, and the benefits to a candidate once they return to the workplace following completion of accredited training, will be far greater.

How long will it take to learn the ITIL material?

For individuals self-studying it is almost impossible to say. As all candidates have different experience and amount of time available for study, it varies from person to person. For those studying with an accredited training organization, individual providers will be able to advise on course durations and the level of study involved with the various course options.

How long does the exam take?

Exam times vary depending on the level. The Foundation level exam time is 60 minutes and the Intermediate level time is 90 minutes.

Are the exam questions multiple choice, essay style or both?

All questions are multiple choice.

When will I receive the mark from my exam?

For web based exams, results are immediate, subject to final verification from PEOPLECERT. For paper based exams, results are sent within 3 days upon receipt of the exam papers.

I recently passed the ITIL® Foundation exam through PeopleCert and I have received my certificate. Is there a specific logo that I have rights to use in my communications?

Any individual who would like to include information on their ITIL certification on a business card needs to take note of the following: An AXELOS Trade Mark logo (e.g. the ITIL® Swirl) cannot be used on business cards as they advertise a person/company and not the associated product. An AXELOS word mark can (e.g. ITIL®) be used on a business card as long as the correct symbology is used. 

For example: Joe Bloggs ITIL® Accredited Trainer Where practical (if it can be included legibly) the Trade Mark acknowledgement statement should also be shown. For example: Joe Bloggs ITIL® Accredited Trainer ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited

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