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Do I have to take the Exam within a certain time period after taking the qualifying course?

No. There is no set time frame for taking the exam after attending the class.

Do the recommended courses cover all of the material I will need to pass the exam?

How can I obtain a copy of my certification logo?

How can I tell if a class is authorized and meets the certification requirements?

In order to meet the VMware Certified Professional course requirement, you MUST attend a VMware Authorized course. To determine if a course you are considering attending is VMware Authorized, ensure the course is listed on our Web site:

How long does it take for my exam to show on my transcript?

Certification exams results are processed within two business days and VMware will notify you of your certification status within two business days via email. At this point, if you have met all certification requirements, your certification will be reflected on your online transcript (myTranscript), and your eCertificate can be obtained from this page.

If I have a VCA level certification, do I still have to take the required course for the VCP level?

Yes. VCA certification does not change the requirements of the VCP level exams. You will still need to complete a qualifying course and pass the relevant exam.

What is available to me when I access my certification Portal?

There is a separate Portal for each level of certification (VCA, VCP, VCAP, VCIX, and VCDX) The certification Portal contains the logos and usage guidelines, and allows access to the Store for branded merchandise.

What is the exam retake policy if I fail?

Please see this page for the complete policy.


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