Business analysis is a business discipline of identifying business needs, value and determining solutions to business problems.

Business analysts are critical to operational success. Their remit often includes a systems development component, but may also include process improvement, organisational change or strategic planning and policy development. 

Business Analysis Foundation level

The Foundation level certifications helps business analysts gain a broad awareness and understanding of the scope, principles and approaches that underpin effective business analysis:

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Change (previously IT Enabled Business Change)

  • Commercial Awareness

What are the entry requirements?

None. Training with a BCS accredited training provider like SureSkills is recommended.

What format is the exam?

  • One hour ‘closed book’

  • 40 multiple choice questions

  • Pass mark is 65% (26/40)

Business Analysis Practitioner level

The Practitioner level certifications extend and deepen your understanding of the core areas of business analysis and your selected specialist subjects. These modules also form part of the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis:

  • Benefits Management and Business Acceptance

  • Business Analysis Practice

  • Data Management Essentials

  • Modelling Business Processes

  • Requirements Engineering

What are the entry requirements?

None. Training with a BCS accredited examination provider is recommended.

What format is the exam?

  • One hour ‘open book’

  • Written, based on a business scenario

  • Pass mark is 50%

BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis

This Diploma is an international, industry-recognised certification that demonstrates the knowledge, skills and capabilities to be an effective business analyst.

Who is this aimed at?

Business and IT professionals who want to demonstrate they have a detailed understanding of business analysis best practice.

What are the entry requirements?

To proceed to the Diploma in Business Analysis you will need to have passed four modules:

  • Practitioner Certificates in Business Analysis Practice

  • Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

  • One knowledge-based specialism

  • One practitioner specialism

What format is the exam?

  • Up to 50 minutes oral examination

  • Conducted by two examiners

  • Discussion of experience

  • Questions on topics from the syllabus, including the selected specialist modules

As a long time training provider of Business Analysis, SureSkills has the skills and experience to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of maintaining or upgrading current certification.


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