How can certification status be upgraded from V10 to V11?

The Commvault v11 certification program offers upgrade exams for Professional and Master certification status. The Specialist upgrade path requires taking the full V11 Specialist exam. If you passed an exam but have not achieved the specific certification level, you must retake the full exams.


Must a student participate in an Instructor-Led Training class or purchase eLearning modules to qualify to take an exam?

It is strongly recommended to attend formal Commvault training, although it is not required.


How difficult are the certification exams?

Question formats are designed to challenge participants and to prove competencies at various levels. Professional level certification requires participants to demonstrate strong knowledge of the Commvault Common Technology Engine, policy configuration and client/agent/subclient configuration. Specialist level certification requires participants to demonstrate advanced knowledge of specific features including: Deduplication, IntelliSnap® Technology, storage configuration and Virtualisation.

If a student upgrades a certification to v11, what is the cost to take the exams?

Students have one free opportunity to pass the v10 equivalent for any exam passed on previous versions through June 30, 2016.


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