Managed Training

Are you losing valuable time sourcing, organising and administering your organisation's training programmes? If training admin is preventing
your people from doing higher value tasks,
then we can help.

We'll source the best value training for your next change programme, while you focus on more strategic activities.
End to End Managed Service

Our design, develop and deliver service include analysis of your specific learning requirements, scheduled meetings with subject matter experts, verified learning objectives, tailored assessments and training aids. 

Project Management

Together, we define and implement a project management process that fits your training objectives. Work with experienced in-house project managers, all of whom have a proven track record in designing, planning and managing small and large scale projects. 

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Supplier Management

Allow us to support and manage your complete learning portfolio, and we'll deliver measurably reduced costs, enhanced administration efficiency, learning outcomes and improved delegate experience. We improve the supply chain for learning, reducing costs, improving returns and using our purchasing knowledge and scale to provide significant value.

Large Scale Roll-outs

Having multiple teams simultaneously working on different deadlines with different deliverables requires skill, experience and clear communication across projects and tasks. Otherwise, a small change made to the content, approach, or timeline on one team can ripple across other teams and cause unintended confusion and delay. SureSkills is one of only a few training organisations with the resources and experience to deliver large scale roll-outs.

Our framework for success

Our Instructional Design & Development process is split into five phases: Consultation, Analysis, Production, Implementation and Delivery (CAPid). Each phase is closely aligned to pre-defined objectives in a robust governance model. A collaborative focus ensures your business objectives are realised effectively and quickly.


Read more about Managed Training Projects, or talk to us directly for more detailed info.



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