Business Intelligence – Turn your Data into Decisions
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Business Intelligence – Turn your Data into Decisions


Every business spends time and effort gathering and reporting data. Whether it’s exporting from their CRM software or creating reports from internal Excel workbooks – assembling business performance statistics can be a manual and time-consuming task. What’s more, the gathering and reporting exercise is repeated day after day and month after month – even though it’s only the data that changes, not the structure of the reports!

At SureSkills, we help businesses to streamline and automate the flow of data from source through to publication. We transform reporting from a repetitive manual assembly and distribution exercise to an “always on”, self-service and interactive view of your key business information.  We deliver this by transforming three areas – Process (how and from where do you gather your information?), Performance Metrics (what are the metrics that help  you identify business performance?) and Publication (who needs access to your performance data and how would they like to view it?).

Our ultimate objective is to provide an interactive Business Performance Information dashboard that is updated as often as you choose at the click of a button and that is easily shared with stakeholders to view on PC’s, laptops, smartphones or any device they choose!

Connect and Report your Data

Whether it is tracking sales, forecasting policy yields or identifying KPIs on customer support – SureSkills can help you visualise your data how you want, when you want and where you want. Using best in class industry tools, we don’t just help you create reports – we help you create meaningful dashboards from your many data sources that display the level of information you need for any business scenario.

Data isn’t just on servers, and it’s not just about Dashboards!

Your data may sit in multiple sources on servers across the country (or globe). But it may also be contained in countless spreadsheets or CSV files. SureSkills can help you connect to your data and analyse and report in the familiar surroundings of Excel.

Make Sharing Easy

Once you’ve created insightful BI reports, the easy part should be sharing those insights with the right people. SureSkills BI solutions always have information sharing as a central feature. Any tools we use allow convenient sharing (and unsharing) of your reports whether they are to be viewed on laptops, tablets or smartphones!

Get Insights

It’s not just about volume; it’s about complexity. With so many different data sets, it’s hard even to know what questions to ask or how to ask them! With best practice BI solutions, you can connect your data to get real insights and trend analysis.

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