Join SureSkills’ Interactive Classroom Session to Truly Understand GDPR, Data Protection & Privacy
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Join SureSkills’ Interactive Classroom Session to Truly Understand GDPR, Data Protection & Privacy

GDPR Practitioner Ciaran Molumby has joined SureSkills to deliver a people-focused workshop on the practical day-to-day issues in relation to all elements of Data Protection and Privacy. Ciaran has built this extensive knowledge base from 30 Years’ experience in Business and IT in Ireland and abroad. The course entitled GDPR: The Regulation, Data Protection & Privacy Awareness Session will give you the insight to consider how your own organisation can build a plan on the road to compliance.

GDPR Awareness Sessions Across your Organisation

Get the message across to all your staff on your premises so that they truly understand why you are doing this, and what a critical part they play. After all, if there is going to be a loss of data you can be sure someone internally is involved somehow, so you need to highlight the pit falls and give your employees the support they need to identify problems early on. They really will be a key part of the solution, from the most senior management to the seemingly non critical roles in the business.

GDPR Company-Wide Assessment

Our course will use a Gap Assessment Tool which will graph out your readiness status and highlight the areas that need your attention This will identify the Data collection points; the GDPR relevant ones; Company Intellectual property data areas; areas for concern; a broad plan on what areas need to be addressed immediately and what should be considered in the future.

Policies and Documentation

We will review the Policies across the organisation, this would involve taking a fresh look at all your current policies and, if needed, drawing up of a new set using a template builder to make best use of our time, including:

•          Acceptable use Policy
•          Password Policy
•          Clean desk Policy
•          Email use
•          Confidential Data
•          Encryption
•          Mobile
•          And many more


GDPR Auditable Registers and Recommended Documentation

We will also produce a set of recommended registers and documents which are all in line with the tasks outlined in the regulation, including:

•        Executive Support Letter
•        GDPR Communication Program
•        Personal Data Breach Notification Form
•        Data Breach Register template
•        GDPR Documentation Log
•        Data Subject request procedure
•        DPIA process
•        And many more

Need to find out more about our list of GDPR training courses and/or workshops? – click here

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