How to Improve your IT Skill Set: Cashing in on the Benefits of ITIL Certification
Jennifer Fitzpatrick

How to Improve your IT Skill Set: Cashing in on the Benefits of ITIL Certification

Information Technology Infrastructural Library (ITIL) is the most popular framework or set of practices used by companies to manage their IT services. Not only does it provide an effective structure with which to manage and deliver services, but the framework also helps companies provide a good quality service and overcome any difficulties that may crop up in the development of IT systems.

The benefits of ITIL certification are plenty, but today we’re exploring the top 5:

1.    Improved IT Management Skills

ITIL certified professionals have the skills to provide a stable, reliable foundation or IT environment that constantly evolves to changing technological demands. In this way, the value of new technological strategies will be maximised.


2.    Growing Demand for ITIL Certified Professionals

Professionals with ITIL certification are good candidates for roles that demand ITIL specialist knowledge. The demand is especially high in the fields of: incident management, process management, service management, release management, and ITSM-related project management roles.


3.    A Common Language

During certification training, professionals become familiar with the IT terms, phrases, and methods of conveying information that are commonly used. This acts as a strong differentiator that identifies certified professionals from non-certified. Using the right terms not only means that you can communicate the right idea to your team, but also saves you a lot of time and prevents you from including wrongly directed functions or processes.

Preparing for ITIL certification exams is easy; online study guides, practice books, and mobile apps for every level of the certification process are easily available to candidates.

4.    A Route to Better Roles and Organisations

With so many established organisations implementing ITIL, certification gives candidates an edge in being chosen for the best jobs. Certified candidates can make their choice of organisations and roles, rather than waste precious years on roles that are a poor fit for them. Certified professionals no longer need to wait for recruiters to shortlist them for a prospective role; instead they can choose their own desired role and organisation.


5.    Global Implementation

As a certified ITIL professional, moving abroad may not always mean a change in role or company. Over 10,000 companies and organisations worldwide have adopted the ITIL framework. If you prefer to stay in your own country, you can check to see if the companies you want to work for have adopted the framework. Even companies that would traditionally not be viewed as ITIL implementers, such as Disney, use the framework.


ITIL is a popular IT service management framework that improves businesses’ support system and builds on the skill set of IT professionals. We have only touched on 5 benefits of ITIL certification; if you wish to know more, contact any member the SureSkills Training and Certification team to enroll in one of our ITIL courses.


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