Terms & Condtions


A written letter, email or fax constitutes a firm contract with SureSkills™

For all training related bookings the following terms and conditions apply:

* Fees are invoiced and payable in full before the course commences

* Corporate credit account invoices are payable within 30 days of course commencement.

* Skills / Training Card prepayments are valid for a full 12 months from date of purchase.

* Late Availability bookings the full course fee is payable, bookings are non refundable and non transferable (see below).

For bookings postponed, transferred or cancelled these terms apply:

* 12 or more days notice, ONLY 10% of the fee is payable.

* 7-12 days notice 50% of the course fee is payable.

* 7 or less days notice the full course fee is payable.

Note: Postponements and cancellations must be made in writing/email/fax. If they are initially made only by telephone they must be confirmed by return in writing by SureSkills and this document from SureSkills will be the only evidence of variation of the original contract.

Late Availability course bookings are priced lower – the fee quoted is fully payable on booking. Late Availability bookings can be placed up to one day before the course start subject to acceptance being confirmed by email and the availability of materials. Late availability pricing is not available with any other offer(s). Prices and bookings are not transferable in any circumstances.

All public courses are run by SureSkills or our sub-contractors subject to demand. SureSkills reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change as necessary.

Delegates undertake to attend all classes at the time allocated and on the dates stated on the course booking document. All course materials are copyrighted and the duplication or distribution of same is strictly prohibited.

Our Consulting & Solutions, Resource Placement and Learning Services engagement and projects follow a different set of terms and conditions, copies of which are available on request.

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