SureSkills Desktop as a Service
What is SureSkills Desktop as a Service?
SureSkills DaaS supports a range of deployment methods, such as: On-Premise Infrastructure, On- Premise MDP IaaS, & MDP Cloud Hosted.
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Desktop as a Service FAQ


What is SureSkills Desktop as a Service?

SureSkills Desktop as a Service, or SureSkills DaaS, is a model of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that is delivered via our Managed Data Protection (MDP) solution leveraging
industry leading Parallels RAS technology.
SureSkills DaaS supports a range of deployment methods, such as: On-Premise Infrastructure, On-Premise MDP IaaS, & MDP Cloud Hosted.

How Does Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Work?

SureSkills DaaS allows organisations to remotely operate their physical desktop computers or to host virtual machines (VMs) that run desktop operating systems and applications. Our DaaS solution allows administrators to deliver a full desktop experience via Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android.
Another benefit of SureSkills DaaS is it also allows customers to utilise application publication, presenting an application directly to the user without the requirement of running it on their local desktop.
Additionally, SureSkills DaaS allows employees to use local printers. Our DaaS solution overcomes printing limitations, by providing out-of-the-box universal print drivers to instantly enable local printing, via seamless printer redirection.

Why Use SureSkills Desktop as a Service?

In the past, many organisations running legacy IT systems considered the cost and the high-performance requirements of introducing VDI deployment were too challenging to consider. The benefit of SureSkills DaaS is its scalability, reliability, as well as offering significant operating and capital expenditure (OPEX/CAPEX) cost saving opportunities.

Benefits of DaaS

Aside from the fact that data, applications, and other digital assets are managed by SureSkills, which already reduces a customer’s IT administrative overhead, our DaaS solution offers several distinct business benefits;

  • Enables Anytime/Anywhere Access to Digital Assets

    • Enabling remote workers to accomplish tasks wherever they may be, it also increases workforce productivity.
  • Improved Security

    • Leveraging economies of scale to establish a comprehensive cyber security program that businesses struggle to maintain effectively. Since digital assets are hosted by SureSkills, i.e., in a central location and not stored on end users’ devices, these assets remain secure even if a device lands in the wrong hands. Parallels implements a large number of security possibilities out of the box, including MFA support for both MS/Google TOTP, as well as integration with Entra ID, DUO, FortiAuthenticator & others. Parallels has also been verified by Veracode, due to its exceptional integrated security measures that are built directly into its code.
  • Controlled Cost of Service Model

    • Following our MDP cloud solution subscription model, customers will only pay fee for the maximum concurrent users per month.
  • Reduces CAPEX Considerably

    • SureSkills DaaS desktops and applications have low system requirements that allow them to run on inexpensive thin clients or even old PCs/laptops. DaaS customers can even implement a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program, enable employees to use their own devices, and, in turn, realise even greater savings on hardware.
  • Businesses Can Adopt Remote Work Practices

    • SureSkills DaaS removes the cost associated with working on-site, such as - office space, electricity, air conditioning, and several other OPEX considerations.
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