On-Site Training FAQ


What Is On-Site Training?

In simple terms, on-site training is training that takes place at your business location and involves using a company's own premises and equipment. The course is often delivered by an outside company such as SureSkills and is usually be tailored to your employees’ learning requirements. 

Advantages of On-Site Training?

There are plenty of benefits that come with offering on-site training to your employees. One of the easy ones for most training managers is that you can layout the room and any related material or company resource the way that you want it to appear. However, the following list details some of the most valued from a client’s point of view:

Is it cost effective?

On-site training can be very cost-effective in the short and long run, too. For example doing multiple half day session can mean that a full day is not lost and that your employees can get back to work sooner.

Are there other benefits?

Another benefit of on-site training is collaboration & innovation. Especially when the course is only for employees - they have the opportunity to collaborate and develop stronger relationships.

Can I tailor the sessions?

With on-site training, you and your team can tailor the training resources to meet the specific needs and goals.

Do I need a fancy training room?

No, you can use an office or a standard meeting room for most training. However, please see the list below aimed at helping you decide what you need for your on-site training session.

On-Site Training Room Check List



Every training session should have an agreed checklist with the trainer or the training company so that you can review prior to and after each session. having a cjeck list is also a great way to take away any additional learning from what could be done better and what was done well - so that feedback is accurate and clear. 

A whiteboard or flipchart

Using visual facilitation with a flipchart or whiteboard and pre-drawn illustrations makes it easier for learners to remember concepts. We know that that one pictures can paint a thousand words, and the words about the topic that is drawn offers an easy way for learners to link the concept to the picture.

A projector or large screen

As mentioned earlier visual aids help to retain the information especially in a world of multi-media and smart phones. Video projectors, or alternatively, a large screen, have become essential learning tools in training.

Power outlets

Most modern board rooms, or training rooms are likely to be well laid out and should have enough plug sockets around the room for any kind of device. However, what about your learners - will they need power for their laptop or tablet? Make sure you avoid using extension cables where possible from a health and safety point of view.


A tea/coffee breaks during training are critical. Learners can only take so much in at one time and a good training session is broken into bite size elements. It is also important to stay hydrated to ensure everyone’s well-being. Breaks for a refreshment will allow learners and trainers to regularly clear their heads before tackling the next part of the training session. It’s also an excellent way to encourage discussions among the participants, as well as a chance for them to talk with the trainer.
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