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Contract work is an attractive option for growing numbers of 

technology professionals who want job mobility and flexibility. 

SureSkills has innovative solutions for both employers and contractors. 

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Current Vacancies

Resource placement from SureSkills gives your organisation a pool of dedicated IT professionals with the right mix of experience and knowledge. Browse our listings to see the full suite of candidates to match with the skills your project requires. Our managed placement process ensures our customers access highly skilled staff, while candidate’s avail of ongoing professional development, with the backing of one of Ireland’s leading training, learning and consulting providers. 

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Roles We Specialise In

We have many resourcing opportunities right now at customer organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to large multinationals. Our resource placement is closely aligned with our training and certification services, where we enable thousands of people every year to work towards IT service management qualifications. That makes us uniquely placed to focus on the best opportunities requiring skills in areas such as IT contracting, project management, service management and IT infrastructure support.

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Why Choose SureSkills

We take a different approach to resourcing by helping you to manage your career even during placement in a contract role. For every month you’re working with SureSkills, you’ll receive automatic training credits which you can redeem against courses on a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. That way, we’re investing in your future career development. And with the backing of more than 100 people in the SureSkills organisation, you’ll always feel part of a larger team.

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Our Core Values

Over 20-plus years in business, SureSkills has fostered a culture built on integrity, leadership, customer focus and great people. We hold ourselves to high standards, seek to inspire and motivate our people, and provide quality service at all times, and teamwork that delivers exceptional results. That ethos extends to our resource placement service: you’re not just a body at a desk. We’ve got your back.

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Speak to one of our placement experts about sourcing professionals suited to your specific business needs.