SureSkills Partners with Online Proctoring Leaders Kryterion
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SureSkills Partners with Online Proctoring Leaders Kryterion

SureSkills Partners with KRYTERION to Improve Certification Testing Offering

Kryterion is a full-service test development and delivery company that provides world-class online Test Development Services and Multiple Test Delivery Methods. Kryterion is the market leader in live Online Proctoring, which utilizes remote video monitoring to observe test takers where they live, learn or work.

SureSkills is an official authorized Kryterion Test Center and have official Kryterion Certified Proctors (KCPs), who are trained to monitor testing sessions with the highest level of attention to detail, a multi-step authentication and validation process, and equipped with professional testing rooms and designated sign-in areas.

Whether you are looking to get the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified to prove you possess the skills and technical knowledge necessary for managing applications on the AWS cloud platform or you are aiming to get the get upskilled and gain a certification that demonstrates you have the skills and confidence to take full advantage of the Salesforce suite or whether you are looking to become a LinkedIn Certified Professional, a recruiter certification that shows you are an expert in candidate recruitment using “LinkedIn Recruiter” you can receive the expert training and exam facilities from your local SureSkills training provider.

About Kryterion

Kryterion is a full service provider of customizable assessment and certification products and services. Kryterion work with organizations to build and deliver everything from skills tests and simple online assessments to a comprehensive high-stakes worldwide certification program. Kryterion offer a viable addition to high-stakes test delivery with unsurpassed program security, control and convenience.

kryterion_logo_SureSkills_test_centre_partnerKryterion is not just a viable alternative to traditional testing methods, it represents a quantum leap in testing – true Online Secured Testing. This is the result of the intelligent application of existing technologies combined with the latest advancements in test delivery. Webassessor™ changes the very way we think about testing.

 Testing Standards - SureSkills as an authorised Kryterion testing centre comply with the testing standards such as:

·         Separation of Test Takers; two Test Takers taking the same test cannot confer

·         The amount of space a Test Taker has to work in; adequate space for allowable test aids

·         Minimum requirements for computer equipment and bandwidth to the internet

·         Heating, lighting and noise level control

·         Minimum number of Kryterion Certified Proctors (KCPs)

·         Continuous monitoring or video taping of Test Takers

·         Reporting of any Test Taker problem or unauthorized behaviour during test sessions

Kryterion Secure Delivery

Webassessor™, in conjunction with the Kryterion Testing Network, provides an extremely secure testing environment. The Webassessor™ system requires User IDs, passwords, and Test Taker authorization codes, which are linked together ensuring that no individual can access any part of the testing infrastructure without authorization. During the launch process, a secure connection is established between Kryterion servers and the PC at the testing center. The browser is locked down to prevent the Test Taker from having access to other applications or browsers on the PC.

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