Why Enterprise Search Can Justify Your eDiscovery Investment
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Why Enterprise Search Can Justify Your eDiscovery Investment

CommVault’s Self-Service Enterprise Search and eDiscovery empowers end users to increase their productivity while legal, regulatory and compliance risk is greatly reduced..... 

A relatively new concept and one which must be a cause for celebration for lawyers everywhere, eDiscovery has grown quickly into its’ own industry, with Gartner* predicting it will be high on the agenda of most CIOs for the immediate future. Of course, the concept itself is nothing new – ‘discovery’, the practice whereby litigating parties are required to share information relevant to a legal case has been a feature of systems around the world derived from English common law for decades – but the importance of electronic discovery or eDiscovery or e-Discovery (take your pick) is increasing hugely for an organisation’s legal and compliance departments. 

It is a response from the IT industry to cater for the needs of the legal world which is trying to keep pace, or more accurately, to catch up with changing technology and the exponential growth in electronically-stored information (ESI). Gone are the days when lawyers would spend endless hours sifting through boxes of files searching for relevant documents; now an eDiscovery search, in response to investigations, litigation or regulatory requests, can search, retrieve and analyse all relevant documents at the push of a button. 

 All good so far but although the economically-improving times are allowing organisations to loosen the purse strings a little and invest in technology, many bean counters will want to see a definable, definite need being satisfied and that’s where the argument for investing in eDiscovery falls down a little. Why pay for something which may not be used and if it is, will probably only be used once or twice? Sure, it will be expensive for an organisation that ends up in a situation where they need to retrieve documents for those purposes but if they don’t then the return on investment might seem pretty unappealing. The question to be answered is do you pay now or, maybe, pay later? 

However, that would be taking a narrow view of what eDiscovery can offer a company and if a broader look is taken, then the benefits which come from the Enterprise Search function and particularly its ability to satisfy the huge demand from end users for review and analysis of digital information will begin to strengthen the case for investment. 

“What organisations should be aiming for is a search function with end user enablement, a web portal which will be created for and utilised by end users, meaning they will no longer have to go to their IT department with search queries,” Kevin Reid, Chief Technical Officer at SureSkills said. “As well as freeing up over-stretched IT workers from managing this task – and thus allowing them to work pro-actively on other projects – end users, along with the legal and compliance teams, can instantly and accurately find exactly what they need, exactly when they want it.”

Some search and eDiscovery solutions however, can be complex and costly as they use multiple, loosely integrated point products to search multiple silos of data. But CommVault’s Simpana Search allows end users to quickly search, access, classify and retrieve live data and all ESI stored in the Simpana ContentStore, all with a minimum of fuss. Thus end users are empowered to increase their productivity while eDiscovery and compliance risk is greatly reduced due to the single, enterprise-wide search. 

So, the crucial ability to respond quickly and accurately to litigation, compliance and regulatory requests is satisfied while the increase in both end users’ and IT workers’ productivity builds a strong case for a definite ROI. 

eDiscovery is becoming essential for the modern organisation and will soon be a seemingly costly ‘must’ for many: by choosing your product carefully and utilising fully its Enterprise Search function, you can almost make it pay for itself. 

To empower your end users and ensure your business can keep up with today's demand contact our consulting team today on 01 240 2287 or email info@sureskills.com

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