What Makes Microsoft Office Training So Useful in Today’s Workforce
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What Makes Microsoft Office Training So Useful in Today’s Workforce

Microsoft Office Training is imperative in today’s job market. 

Companies are desperately searching for individuals that possess IT knowledge. When an employer considers the many hire options, he or she is certainly looking for a proficient, technically minded professional with Microsoft experience. An individual that can bring an impressive set of skills, i.e., supporting businesses with the best tools and solutions that Microsoft Office has to offer. The talent of a particular team depends on how the organisation performs, and roughly two-thirds of hiring managers believe that individuals possessing Microsoft Office knowledge are far more productive than those without expertise. About half of every successful business team has at least one expert in Microsoft Office. To expand one’s horizon, taking a training course can only improve the current business at hand. Microsoft Office 365 is the latest addition to the Microsoft suite. Office 365 gives users access to productivity services enabled over the internet (cloud services) which is becoming increasingly important in today’s environment. Microsoft Office will teach you very important business tasks, data management, email presentations, and other ways of becoming proficient in the business world. 

“It is still hugely important in today’s world to know and be aware of the full Microsoft Office suite – to be aware of its productivity and collaboration products can help you do your job more effectively and efficiently, whether at your desk or in the field.” said SureSkills Sales & Certification Manager, Steven Long. 

When one considers the variety of creative methods for improving business, Microsoft Office is vital to finding a great career. We must consider the fact that jobs are more competitive at this point. The more skills one can attain at this point, the more chances they have of survival in the job market. Its one thing to own the latest Office software and quite another to be able to use it effectively. From applications such as PowerPoint, data sorting, formulas, professional slides, and creating and publishing to brilliant designs, learning Office will make you much more attractive to companies, and place you above your competitors. Knowledge is power, when it comes to the business world. Those working in support and service jobs, which require dealing with troubleshooting issues, honing Microsoft Office skills are not only helpful in your current work environment, it makes you a valuable commodity to additional perspective employers—which ultimately gives you flexibility. Whether you’re vying for promotion, looking to switch jobs, or trying to land your first job, being a pro with MS Office will help you stand out from the competition and land the position. It’s not enough to merely be competent at one or two areas of MS Office; the person on the rise has to be an expert with a good working knowledge of all MS Office’s components. 

Components of Microsoft Office include: 

Access: This is a program that helps IT experts and small business owners create databases. 

Excel: This is a spreadsheet program that creates tables and allows data to be computed. 

Project: This is a widely used project management application programme that helps you plan and manage large or small projects, recording the time, resources and money used and noting any variations from the original plan. 

Outlook: Though many use MS Outlook as an e-mail tool, the software has many features such as calendars, tasks, and schedules, which can help organize your life. 

PowerPoint: Using professional-looking PowerPoint slides, you can easily convey your message in a more effective way. 

Publisher: This is a great program for your desktop publishing needs, for everything from brochures to flyers. 

Visio: Whether you’re an IT professional or a businessman, Visio can help you create professional diagrams for all your purposes. 

Word: For all types of text documents, Word is the best solution. You can even download templates or create your own. 

Office 365: For IT professionals and consultants who take part in evaluating, planning, deploying, and operating the Office 365 services, including its dependencies, requirements, and supporting technologies.

To ensure you are up to speed with the Microsoft Office Suite industry standard contact one of our Learning Consultants today on 01 240 2262 or email info@sureskills.com

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