Win an iPad with the SureSkills Flexible Desktop Survey
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Win an iPad with the SureSkills Flexible Desktop Survey

For many years the Windows PC (box or portable) has remained unchallenged as the dominant vehicle for delivery of the enterprise desktop. But in recent times several factors have come together to give rise to a promising alternative. The factors include: the rising performance of servers, the capacity and throughput of networked storage, the increasing speed of networks, and the arrival of virtualisation technology. The SureSkills ComputerScope VDI survey aims to lift the lid on the real VDI story in Ireland and we need your help. Fill in the survey and be in with a chance to win a iPad or a Dell Slate, and we promise to give you all the feedback on what you and your peers think of this important development.

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Virtual desktop infrastructure survey promises to find out attitudes to:
Security of the desktop infrastructure to ensure sensitive data is protected.
What reductions can be expected in the operating costs of desktop real estate.
Can it help you be more agile in delivery of IT services to the people that need them.
Can it help you allow employees to use their own devices.

Take the survey - click here.

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