The Key to your Cyber Security Strategy - Event
Simon Behan

The Key to your Cyber Security Strategy - Event

When a cyber-attack strikes it threatens the fundamentals of a good business – reputation, customer confidence and operational continuity. Knowing how to respond and recover effectively requires clarity and confidence through the cyber resilience of all of your people. That is because businesses don’t detect and protect from a cyber-attack – people do. Equipping people to react and act on cyber is critical for keeping the value of your business, within your business. Cyber resilience ensures this by keeping your reputation intact, customers close and operations up and running.


Cyber Resilience is the ability for an organization to resist, respond and recover from attacks that will impact the information they require to do business. It is not enough to put up fire walls and build a defense. The whole organization needs to be involved to ensure an awareness, understanding and empathy. This ensures a more sustainable and likely success in IT Security Awareness.


Traditional approaches to information security focus on an organization’s ability to prevent and detect attacks on its information and assets. This has led to the belief that the solution lies in a series of largely technical controls, as outlined in various standards, which are regularly tested for efficiency and consistency. The nature and frequency of cyber-attacks has evolved, however so much so that it is no longer a case of if an organization will be attacked, but when. Cyber Resilience reflects this evolution and focuses its efforts on how organizations can also respond to and recover from a cyber-attack.


1. Nick Wilding, Head of Cyber Resilience at Axelos

2. Industry speaker sharing their experience in the real world - Case study

3. Ruaidhri McSharry, SureSkills Cyber Security, tying it all together and showing how it can work for you – business value & the “so what”

This SureSkills event will show you how you can protect yourself and your organization in the most effective way and with a process that assures you that you will continue to do so. Built on best practice methodology SureSkills will at this event, show you how it works and how you can adopt and adapt the most effective Cyber Security strategy now.

Date: 13th of October

Venue: CME Group Belfast, Millennium House, 5th Floor 17-25 Great Victoria Street

Time: 08:30 - 11:30

* There is a limited amount of seats for this event so please book before 5pm on Monday the 12th of October to avoid disappointment.

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