10 Ways Service Management Can Help Your Organisation Deal with GDPR - Post Event
Jennifer Fitzpatrick

10 Ways Service Management Can Help Your Organisation Deal with GDPR - Post Event

On Tuesday 19th September, SMPM and GDPR experts discussed the implications for Service Managers, Business Analysts and Project Managers in relation to GDPR and the role that Best Practice can play in addressing GDPR issues to over 70 people from a variety of sectors.

Presented by Ruaidhri McSharry (Director of Service Management at SureSkills), Jim Friars (CEO of Irish Computer Society), and Carlos Da Silva (Service Management and GDPR specialist), the event focused on helping delegates develop a greater awareness of GDPR in the context of themselves and their business. This understanding is a fundamental first step to the effective development of a GDPR plan and process for any business or organization.

GDPR: A Practical Approach

With the event focused on raising awareness and understanding, the speakers highlighted the often seen first step which tends to be from the technical side. It is contended that any GDPR plan that does not start with a focus on people and data used by the organization is prone to failure. A technical first step will not be sustainable in understanding the processes and data engagement that are critical to the sustainability and success of a GDPR plan.

GDPR is Applicable to Every Business

The talk highlighted that GDPR is unavoidable and applicable to every business that has data for EU citizens (no matter what it is used for or how much you have of it). The speakers aimed to talk to people about their practical environment which focused on issues regarding consent, data collection versus use, the right to be forgotten, accountability, profiling and privacy.  There was recognition that by beginning the assessment now you can adjust in a managed and controlled manner avoiding any rush for companies to be GDPR ready by 25th May 2018.

Understanding Your Organization’s GDPR Requirements

Since the event, SureSkills are now working with many organizations by reviewing peoples’ individual company environments to help them understand the details of their GDPR requirements. Moving away from the technical approach to GDPR and focusing on the people and the business, the event succeeded in that and now companies can use this approach to decide on the best technical solution for their data and GDPR requirements. The sequence and process is critical.

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