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6 Insider Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Saba Investment

As a forward thinking, 21st-century organization, you understand that your greatest asset for achieving continued business success is your team. You know that for an organization to stay relevant, leadership can't come only from the top. Leadership, initiative, and expertise must come from every team member. But because the pace of change is so rapid in today's business environments, you know that for your employees to contribute as effectively as possible, you’ll need to equip them with today's number one job skill – adaptability.

So, you are considering and/or have introduced Saba – an empowering learning and talent management platform that delivers collaborative and continuous training to your employees, maximizes their potential, and captures their feedback in real time.

There’s just one problem…

As powerful a platform as Saba is, many organizations are failing to effectively use their Saba investment as they often fail to carry out essential pre- and post-implementation analysis and planning. In fact, some organizations are using as little as 40% of Saba’s true capability! It can often take far longer for your organization to see a tangible return on your Saba investment and to realize business value.

At SureSkills, we aim to ensure you get the most out of the Saba platform through a robust support service portfolio that allows you to realise the available capabilities of the system and ensure they are mapped to your strategic planning and operational management goals. We’ve included some suggestions below so you can get an effective return on your investment.

How to get the most out of your Saba investment

To gain the most from your Saba investment, you need to:

  • Conduct (measurable!) needs analysis: Ensure the strategic objective is coherently mapped to the operational management and delivery of effective service capability. Often overlooked, this analysis sets the tempo for effective implementation. If it’s not done, it  often leads to limited and disjointed system implementation, deployment, and user awareness across an organization.


  • Establish (realistic!) Key dates and timelines: When will you make the switch? Which roles will transition first and why? How long will legacy material be available for? How long will migration of legacy material take? How long will ramp-up take?


  • Define (specific!) goals: What are the performance expectations by role within the new system? How will you define successful adoption of the new system? How does the new system sync with current organizational key performance indicators (KPIs)?


  • Schedule (appropriate!) training: Once the timeline is established, you need to create the right training at the right time for the right people. Who needs what? How will you cater to different learning styles?


  • Drive user (attainable!) adoption – Pro-actively inform your learners and leadership about the latest features – to keep your employees and leadership team engaged with Saba, they need to be kept up to date with any new features after they’ve been launched.


  • Provide key (measurable!) metrics and analytics that deliver business insights for your management team – it’s often said that “a picture paints a thousand words” and in the case of analytics, that couldn’t be truer! To get management buy-in, you need to show them just how important and useful Saba is to the effective management of their team.

  • Provide managers access to analytic dashboards for their team that demonstrates how Saba is helping them improve specific business and professional objectives. Explain how they work and, if necessary, conduct training sessions with management on how to use data from Saba to optimize their team’s performance.

At SureSkills, we help clients navigate from outdated proprietary systems to a transformational learning and talent management system and provide comprehensive preparation for its implementation, deployment, and operation of sustainment cycles. To do so, we offer a collection of services that are agile and scalable to ensure your business is fully equipped to handle the full suite of Saba platform capabilities, and make the most of the technology.

If you’d like to find out more about how to get the most out of Saba, download our exclusive eBook now.




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