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PRINCE2 Membership Now Included with PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner Exams

PRINCE2 2017 launches on the 10th July with the arrival of the updated PRINCE2 guidance and new Foundation and Practitioner examinations. All current PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate holders who passed the exam before the 2017 update can retain their existing qualification for the five-year period from when they passed the exam. 

Your current certification in PRINCE2 will remain valid until the end of its five-year period and it is still applicable for the PRINCE2 digital badge available via the PRINCE2 Membership programme.

However, AXELOS is updating the way in which PRINCE2 Practitioners remain current. It is recommended that any existing PRINCE2 Practitioners familiarise themselves with the changes through reviewing the new guidance or joining the PRINCE2 Membership programme which will provide exclusive content on the changes covered within the PRINCE2 2017 update.

How Do PRINCE2 Practitioners Re-Register?

The purpose of re-registration is to ensure that PRINCE2 Practitioners keep their knowledge current. As part of the update, these requirements reflect the growing importance of professional development. From the release of the new guidance and exams in mid-2017, end learners certified in PRINCE2 will be encouraged to remain current through a new programme linked to the PRINCE2 Membership.

This PRINCE2 Membership will enable practitioners to record CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activities on an annual basis, which they can collect throughout the year. CPD allows practitioners to demonstrate they are maintaining their professional expertise and avoids the need for a mandatory re-registration exam. Alternatively, practitioners can re-sit the exam at the end of their three-year period to reattain the certification.

The Main Elements of the New Programme 

● The new PRINCE2 Practitioner certificates have an expiry date of three years. 

● Candidates can retake the full Practitioner exam at the end of the three years to remain current. There will be no PRINCE2 2017 update re-registration exam. 

● To remain current with your certification, you must have an active subscription to PRINCE2 Membership for a three-year period and complete the required 20 CPD points each year across the three-year period. On joining the programme candidates will earn a PRINCE2 Practitioner digital badge. This badge will be extended every year as long as the 20 CPD points are recorded. 

● If a candidate has satisfied the above two criteria they will be considered current and issued a new certificate at the end of year three that is valid for a further three years. You will only receive a new certificate if your digital badge has been maintained for the three-year period 

● Current PRINCE2 certifications (issued prior to release of the updated PRINCE2 guidance and exam in mid-2017) remain valid until the expiry date shown on the certificate. These candidates can maintain their current registration via AXELOS Membership and logging the required 20 CPD points each year to maintain their digital badge. However, these individuals will not be issued a new certificate at the end of three years, instead their digital badge is proof that they have maintained their professional expertise 

● The changes to re-registration are only applicable to PRINCE2 Practitioners taking the English language version of the 2017 examination. Existing translated exams of 2009 PRINCE2 will still be available as will their re-registration exams 

● Trainers can choose to remain PRINCE2-certified via the new programme, or re-sit the Practitioner exam at the end of their three-year certification period.

If you have any queries regarding the new update don't hesitate to contact us.  

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