AWS Announces Availability of T3 Instances for Amazon EC2
Jennifer Fitzpatrick

AWS Announces Availability of T3 Instances for Amazon EC2

As of today AWS have announced that they have launched a new range of EC2 instances (called T3 instances) in twelve regions of the world.

These general-purpose instances are more cost-effective than current T2 instances, with On-Demand prices that start at $0.0052 per hour ($3.796 per month). If you have workloads that currently run on M4 or M5 instances but don’t need sustained compute power, you should consider moving them to the new T3 range of instances. You can host the workloads at a very low cost while still having access to sustainable high performance when needed (NOTE: unlimited bursting is enabled by default, making these instances even easier to use than their predecessors).

As is the case with the T1 and the T2 instances, you get a generous and assured baseline amount of processing power as well as the ability to transparently scale up to full core performance when you need more processing power, for as long as necessary. The instances are powered by 2.5 GHz Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Skylake) Processors featuring the new Intel® AVX-512 instructions and, best of all you can launch them right now as they are available in seven sizes:

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