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During our courses, you will be guided by social media experts and course facilitators, giving you hands-on working with real business cases. Learn what tactics, concepts, platforms, and approaches you can utilize to engage customers and add value to your organization. We will help you explore and practice the techniques driving growth and value in your business using social media channels and content strategies. This course will help you learn how to navigate social contexts locally and globally and explore platforms, technologies, and trends. You will develop a mindset of how to work in this field in order to support everyone involved to work more effectively with social media and digital content.

Why Digital & Social Media Marketing training

Training in social media is important for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Every company, regardless of the size has the opportunity to take advantage of social media – they also run the risk that what their employees do in social media could come back to haunt them.  Today over 80% of businesses have some presence in social media, which means that employee training is key. Social media touches all aspects of an organization, and so too should a social media training program.

Whether you are at foundation or expert level, our courses are designed to empower you with solid skills to build your Digital & Social Media future.

Digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes by

Digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes by allowing these businesses to have easier access to a more global market. If you are in business, therefore, taking up digital marketing courses is to your advantage. Here’s why:

Save cost on marketing

Often, the more traditional methods of marketing can cost more than digital marketing would. Using more conventional means, you will have to spend for printing costs, posting, and other related expenses. When you go for digital marketing instead, you can forego these costs if you have a well-planned and well-laid out marketing plan.

Measure your results

If your business is still using the more traditional means of digital marketing, now is the time for you to upgrade and switch to digital methods. Ever noticed how, with the conventional means of marketing, it becomes hard for you to measure your analytics? The process of studying, analyzing and tracking your progress after marketing methods, such as posters and television ads, is so much more difficult.

Offer a more personalized approach

In traditional marketing, you are left with minimal leeway to interact on a personal level with your target market. All your efforts end upon the posting of your paraphernalia, or radio advertisements. With digital marketing, however, the situation is different.

Focus on your target market

With traditional marketing means, there really is no specified target market that you are trying to reach. Although you may have narrowed down your viewers or audience to a certain extent, this range is still not as effective as with digital marketing. For example, in traditional marketing, when you put out a radio advertisement, you do not have the specific demographics of the listeners.

It's up to you!

Without a doubt, as technology continues to improve by the day, so does the effectivity of digital marketing in the marketplace. More and more businesses have discovered the benefits that digital marketing brings. Hence, despite the added costs that it may entail for your business, the profits that you reap from this effort will also make every extra dollar worth the expense.

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