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Why Choose SureSkills for VMware training

Attending a SureSkills VMware training course will not only equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage your private cloud, but you will be able to do so securely and reliably while maintaining high performance and concurrently reducing operational costs. Sureskills has been training companies all over the world on Vmware technologies and our instructors have years of practical experience.

Next Steps?

Explore our wide range of VMware training courses covering all aspects of virtualisation, hybrid cloud and cloud computing. Build your skills and the expertise needed to install, manage, deploy and support the world’s number one virtualisation software. Click here for our Contact Us page

What can I (or my team) expect from class?

Students will work independently on servers located offsite using a variety of remote access technologies. Training is a mixture of practical work and lecture - the day is very full. Your instructor may give you the option of working through labs in your own time (like after hours, or during a break) in order to add as much as possible to the course content or to allow you to finish a little earlier on the last day of the class.

What do we expect you to bring to Virtual Infrastructure classes?

• Basic Linux command line knowledge or Powershell kknowledge is useful, but not required. Your instructor should cover what you need during the class. Prerequisite knowledge and skills are also listed in each course’s data sheet located at vmware.com/education. You should make your instructor aware of any impairments before class begins on the first day (like a corporate network block for remote access). If you need other assistance, please contact the training center prior to attending the class.

What time do classes begin?

Most of our classes run from Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm. However, there may be some exceptions depending on location or extended hours for Fast Track courses. Please check the class details in your confirmation email or our website.

How does a vILT Online class differ from a standard classroom delivery?

Our Live Online classes are conducted in the same manner as our classroom classes, using the same manuals and lab equipment using ZOOM or WebEx delivery platform. Just as in our classroom classes, each online student is assigned a set of lab equipment including an ESXi host and various preconfigured Virtual machines, as required by the specific class. The students connect to the lab environment using Microsoft’s Remote Display Protocol (RDP) to perform the lab exercises, or students access the remote lab environment using HTML5 due to port restrictions that may block RDP from the location where they are participating in the live online delivery. Most online students find the class experience equivalent to or better than a classroom delivered class.

What are the student system requirements for a vILT online class?

The student will require Internet connection, a computer (either PC or Mac) running a supported browser as well as a Microsoft RDP client, and an audio connection for the duration of the class. You will be accessing ZOOM or WebEx to view the slides using your web browser, and you will be performing the class labs using an RDP connection. Most current browsers are supported except for Firefox 64-bit. Class setup information includes a link to enable the student to download the current version of the RDP client. The RDP client is required to access to remote lab equipment. The RDP client is included in all versions of Windows with the file name mstsc.exe. Once you have the RDP Client installed, you will need to test your connectivity. For this test, you will need to open the client and connect to “vdc-us04-a.vmeduc.com” or “vdc-us24-a.vmeduc.com”. Try to connect to the server using the name “vmeduc\student”, you will not be able to authenticate, but if you are prompted for a password you have successfully tested the RDP connection. If you cannot connect to the RDP server you will have to ask your security department to open port 3389, disconnect from your corporate VPN or find another place from which to attend the class. Please contact us if you need help with the RDP connection, as we will not have time to troubleshoot connectivity problems after class starts.

Do I have to meet course prerequisites to attend vmware training?

Customers tell us our training is outstanding because we understand the jobs you do, as well as the building blocks required to successfully implement systems. Our curriculum is designed in a specific sequence to build on subsequent concepts and develop your expertise in an organized, manageable fashion. Participants are required to complete prerequisites so that the entire class can move forward as a group.

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