When time is money, companies want contractors to hit the ground running

Companies need high-quality, productive candidates and fast.

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When recruiting IT contractors for fixed-term projects, the saying ‘time is money’ is all too true for many companies. No organisation wants to use up three weeks of a three-month engagement by mentoring a recruit until they get up to speed. Worse still, a panic acquisition to fill a seat on a critical project, or settling for a candidate who doesn’t meet the qualifications for the role, can be a setback in financial and time terms. This is especially true when dealing with complex technologies. Being able to source suitable, qualified contractors who can become productive as quickly as possible allows organisations to maximise their recruitment budgets.

The 7 principles every Project Manager must know about PRINCE2

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Many business projects can be complex, lengthy affairs that go on for months, taking up a lot of valuable resources. In this instance, an understanding of project management and its methodologies will help business leaders keep things on track, avoiding lengthy and costly delays.

Project management methodologies bring structure and order to proceedings and one of the most recognised in the world today is the PRINCE2 Project Management methodology

The seven principles of this approach are flexible and can be applied to projects of any size in any industry, and it’s these that we’ll examine today.

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