Problems we solve

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Employee Onboarding

We have extensive experience in designing and developing effective ‘Blended’ onboarding programs which have significantly increased new hire staff acclimation, performance and capability.

Learning Engagement
Learning Engagement

We help you empower your learners through industry leading role-based competency frameworks, that enable professional growth and personal development, mapped to business needs and outcomes.

Sales and Partner Enablement
Sales and Partner Enablement

Our approach to role-based and competency-based learning for both direct and indirect audiences allows us to challenge established sales, technical sales, professional services and support enablement practices, to realise tangible program improvements.

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Technical and Product Training

When your learners need blended experiences with a product, service or solution. We provide learning solutions that deliver real-world ‘use case’ examples, which drive increased role-based competence.

Data Driven Results
Data Driven Results

We build meaningful measures of success into our program design methodology. This allows us to deliver tangible and SMART analytics to you, which can be used to drive both learner engagement, adoption, as well as other qualitative and quantitative metrics.

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Partner Onboarding

We can help you with designing, developing and delivering an ‘In-direct’ partner program that delivers a consistent experience and allows your channel program to scale effectively and in a controlled manner.

LMS Adoption
Product Adoption

We boost adoption by providing flexible, role-based learning paths and ensuring that your employees have access to the right training at the right time on any device.