Delivering the power of the Cloud and enterprise software, combined with a fully managed experience - that's SureSkills MDP. Providing you with the peace of mind that your systems and users will keep on working.

With Managed Data Protection from SureSkills we do all the hard work for you - day in day out. All you need to do is tell us what applications or systems you need and when you need them - we do the rest.
Managed Data Protection from SureSkills

SureSkills Managed Data Protection division has developed new services that takes away the pain and overhead of maintaining a back-up and disaster recovery plan, as well enhancing your ability to recover from an incident. The services are aimed at mid-sized organisation that need large enterprise level back-up and disaster solutions at a reasonable cost. In short, SureSkills manages the fail-over process during testing or disaster without impacting production operations. 

We provide an end to end service; the consulting to help you decide on the best strategy, the on-boarding and testing of technology, implementation and most importantly the ongoing monitoring and management of the service - ensuring that the business is ready for its recovery needs. This enables you IT team to focus on their production priorities and leverage SureSkills recovery expertise and our enterprise level technology, tools and resources.


Our Managed Data Protection helps you deal with:

- Complete loss of the primary site

- Prolonged disruption due to external factors

- Local failures

- Day-to-day issues of file / folder / message level recover

- Loss of server infrastructure (SAN failure, Host failure, Ransomware)

Disaster Recovery

The saying that ‘those who conduct backups are only two failed restores away from a pink slip’ is nearly as old as IT itself but the importance it attaches to Disaster Recovery still rings true.

A good DR plan consists of policies and procedures derived from your organisation’s IT set-up that will enable the recovery or continuation of vital IT infrastructure and systems should a serious or unexpected disruption occur.

From data protection to replication, the appropriate strategy is driven by the business value of the platform. We ask all the right questions to develop watertight backup, recovery and business continuity plans for your infrastructure.

Cloud & Hybrid

More and more organisations are maintaining a centralised approach to IT governance while enjoying the scalability and agility that cloud platforms deliver. Whether it’s a single or multi-vendor approach, we can help you figure out the strategy that's right for you. 

Production & Go Live

Only when your infrastructure has been tested and validated for production will our experts transition existing and new workloads to the new platform. We will also ensure transfer the knowledge to your team so that you have access to key operational guidelines and support documentation.

What our clients have to say...

“We have used Sureskills for a number of years to support our network and are more than happy with the excellent level of support we get from all members of the team. As a technical organisation we are heavily dependent on IT to deliver our services to our clients and we are safe in the knowledge that Sureskills will be there to support all our queries and requirements in a very efficient, timely and friendly manner”. 

- Joanne O'Shea, ICT Manager, The State Laboratory

Not convinced? Take a look at some of the complex projects in our case studies section where we helped to transform businesses just like yours.



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