Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Data protection is a challenging area and our Backup as a Service offering takes the 

operational activity along with ad-hoc requests and reporting requirements away and underpins 

this protection with enterprise capabilities provided by CommVault and our cloud storage partners.


Managing Data

Managing data and ensuring recoverability is a task that is necessarily repetitive with daily operational tasks and maintenance required to ensure data integrity along with meeting backup windows. By moving this responsibility to a 3rd party the time can be reclaimed and used to drive business improvements in the IT environment. The SureSkills MDP BaaS is built on the enterprise feature set of CommVault data protection software and stored in highly resilient and scalable cloud storage platforms.

Protecting Data

Data is protected in three main ways, complete virtual machine capture, file level data capture or integrated application aware data capture. These can be combined in an agreement to ensure appropriate levels of data protection, retention and granularity. All data protected in these three models is transferred to the cloud storage and retained for 90 days. After 90 days, the oldest data will be aged out. For longer term retention, each month end full backup can be retained for longer periods. This is selected on an annual basis. 

Service Responsibilities

Data is monitored and health of on premise appliance (if selected). Health, status and patch level of client agent is deployed within the client environment. There are 6 monthly Recovery tests in addition to daily reports delivered to nominated CLIENT personnel.The service also sees monthly summary/statistical reports delivered to service owner and annual upgrades to the latest version of BaaS (dependent on vendor releases). All data transferred to the cloud will be encrypted during transmission and at rest

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